Ten Things About Me

Thought I’d do something fun and challenge myself. I’m going to try to think of things and count down from ten. Wish me luck!

10 ~ I have lived in 10 different cities since I moved out from my mom’s (some I did twice and covered 4 states in the process)

9 ~ I had 9 cents in my pocket when I got home

8 ~ I have 8 singing stuffed animals (just squeeze their fingers or toes)

7 ~ There are 7 rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom closet

6 ~ There are 6 pillows on my bed

5 ~  I have 5 poker books I have read

4 ~ I’ve owned my ice cream store for almost 4 years (November)

3 ~ We have 3 dogs that call our house home (Tia, Nahla & Lady)

2 ~ I have 2 laptops – one at work and one at home

1 ~ But there is only ONE ME!!!!   Yahoo!!   😀

Dang, that really makes you think. It’s harder than you think. Don’t believe me, try it! 

But it does make me realize I should do a part two some day with other random numbers. Everything that seemed neat to put down was way more than 10. LOL

Hope you had fun…


~~~till we laugh again~~~

What is with These Women!

First off, the Not Normal and Proud of It! Club is coming along great. A few new members and even a few new ideas. (like a rock climbing wall).

But for now, I must rant for a moment. It drives me up a freaking wall (and not this new rock climbing wall either).

I might get a little graphic for the moment, but it is necessary in my mind. This is how it sounds in my head.

Why is it when I go in a public restroom,

women are pissing all over the toilet seat?  Seriously!

I expect dudes to do this, but women? 

If you are going to squat, at least hit the big hole!  And if you do miss? Guess what, toilet paper will wipe that dang seat!

Do not leave it for the next person to find and deal with.

I have gone in our local casino that has 10 stalls and literally walked all 10 to find this very picture.

I was at restaurant the other night and all 3 stalls had this. Give me a break!

People can be so rude and disgusting.

There are only 4 things that tick me off. Otherwise I’m pretty easy-going.

A) Lying to me

B) Disrespecting me (especially when I haven’t disrespected you)

C) Guys with pants down and their asses hanging out (see B – above)



Ok, I feel better now.

And if you are one of these people (which I doubt you will admit) (just kidding, my readers would never do this… I think..lol)

Please, please wipe up your yellow stream, I want nothing to do with it. Hell, I’ll even flush for you, but don’t make me wipe your bodily fluids up for you!


How do you feel about this? Does this drive you batty as well?

I now return you to our normal fun loving me….  😀

~~~till we laugh again~~~


I Bet You Will Never Look at a “&” the Same Way Again

Looks like I might survive the weirdos of the full moon. My sense of humor is back today and I’m back to laughing at the silly things people do or life tosses at me. Thanks for all the words of encouragement. Like a stadium wave of support my laughter button was brought home.

So last night I posted on my Facebook page one of those silly sayings that just cracked me up. I just have to share here as well.

This just makes me laugh…

Makes you wonder if he ate some chilies and it was burning. Or maybe he ran out of toilet paper. Or maybe he just loved the feel of his new carpet. Who knows.

All I know is, like one of my friends said, I’ll never look at an ampersand the same again.  LOL

Have a great weekend everyone….


~~~till we laugh again~~~