What The F*** Facts

I’m not sure how many of you have a Facebook account but there is one page that I subscribe to that I love. Each day I get facts that either make me laugh, smile or scratch my head.  I wish their name was a little less graphic at times but it probably is better that way so I’m not always forwarding on their stuff.  LOL.

Their Facebook page is What The F Facts Facebook & their website is What the F*** Facts.

I thought for today I would share some of the cool things from their Facebook posts that I laughed at or found interesting. Give you a little taste if you will.


More than 98% of people have started laughing even harder when they tried to explain why they were laughing.

(I’d tell ya why I’m laughing but…..baahhhhaa  loolllllloollllll)


The teen pregnancy rate is actually lower now than it was in the 1970’s

(oh, I’m sure it is from abstinence…… NOT…lol)


From a survey of 54,000 people, researchers discovered that cancer patients with a sense of humor were 70% more likely to survive.

(I personally believe laughter helps heal most things)


Scratching your ankle feels as good as sex. Scientists have discovered that ankle is the most satisfying spot to scratch.



Cherophobia describes a person who is afraid of being happy because whenever they get too happy, something bad happens.

(How sad…. Just be happy!!)  LOL   .. oh darn, the dog threw up on your carpet now…


At least 5 people have been murdered for unfriending someone via Facebook.

(I promise I will never unfriend ya now)


80% of United States deaths happen in hospitals.

(Note to self, never, ever, ever go in a hospital)


Famous conservationist, Steve Irwin, wants to be fed to his favorite crocodile, Bindi, after his death according to his last will.

(ok my Aussie friends, is this actually true?)


Every British queen named Jane has either been murdered, imprisoned, gone mad, died young, or been dethroned.

(If I was born and named Jane I’d be the next in line at the office to change my name)


When a Mother Penguin loses her chick, she’ll often try to steal from other female penguins living in the vicinity.

(I wonder how many mom’s which they could trade their brat)


The flavors of the foods a pregnant woman eats end up in the amniotic fluid — The baby might crave these tastes later in life.

(One of my friend’s mom ate those little black tire stubbies that stick out on a new tire….Hmmm — boy am I glad my mom craved radishes with me)


In one week, the average person will learn more from Google than 4 years of high school.

(That my friends, is why Google is my best friend)


Well, I hope you liked some of them, if you did check them out. The links are still above. I think you will like it. I couldn’t do them justice here, but I enjoy them.



Ohhhh, So, how many of you scratched your ankle?  LOLLLLL


~~~till we laugh again~~~