Thursday ~~ Yawnnnnnn

Welcome to Thursday! Otherwise known as Is it Friday yet?

Or as Tristan MacManus on Dancing with the Stars would call it… Turdsday…  (funny only if you hear his pronunciation of his “THs”)

Yea, Thursday’s are a day to go to the dentist, the DMV, post office, all those painful things that remind us it’s not Friday yet.

Let’s see what we can drum up for Thursday….Be right back, need to go visit Google.

  • The name Thursday is tied to Thor the Norse God of Thunder (now you know who to blame for why Friday takes to long to get here)
  • We already know that Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday of the Month of November (Yawnnn)
  • Quakers traditionally refer to Thursday as ‘Fifth Day’ to discount the pagan origin of the English name ‘Thursday (I’m going take a wild guess they didn’t see the movie either)
  • Thursday’s is the traditional day of elections in the UK (thought I’d give ya a shout out since I said ours were on Tuesday)  😉
  • ’It was widely believed in High schools in the US in the 60’s, that if someone wore green on Thursdays it meant that they were gay (Hell, every gay person knows it’s Saturday!)
  • Most bars have a special today called Thirsty Thursdays due to the catchy title.  (Personally, I think it is to kick off your drinking weekend early)

Ok, that’s all for Thursday. Make sure to check out the last 3 days if you are a new reader or missed them. We will tackle Friday tomorrow…

~~~till we laugh again~~~