Nooooooooo! Not Her Toooooo!!!

First, I’m not taking about my laptop. That is still waiting for its surgery which was postponed until tomorrow.

I’m talking about something just as devastating. (ok, not really, but it still stings)

Now, before you keep reading, I suppose I’m suppose to be nice and tell you SPOILER ALERT…..

Oh, I guess you need to know what I’m spoiling don’t you?

No silly, not the milk….  Geeshh, some of you…. I’m telling you….  😉

No, my spoiler alert is for DWTS…. or Dancing With the Stars for you rookies.

First I lost my Skyler on American Idol and now this…. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Not my Maria!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I love her.   sniffle sniffle…..

She not only dances great, but I love her personality. And that laugh, too funny.

But it’s my fault. I know it is. Yep, I’m a non-voter. I’m so sorry Maria Menounos. I failed you.

At least Kim won Survivor, so I’m at least 1 out of 3 for the ones I feel really should win. Oh wait, Amazing Race the right couple won. As for the Voice, yea, I was bummed Juliet didn’t win. Hmm, maybe I’m having a worse week than I thought. If Arseno wins next week’s Apprentice I may just have to give up on Reality shows. The more I think about it, the wrong person won Biggest Loser too (Dang Jeremy).

Maybe it’s not me. Maybe the Reality world is upside down.

Ok, I’m tired and Reality Show rambling…. so I best end this torture for you all.

I’m off to ball myself up in the corner and suck my thumb.


~~~till we laugh again~~~


The Suspense is Over…

Yesterday I asked “How do you keep a blog reader in suspense?”


I guess I better have something good at the end of that rainbow. Yet here I sit with nothing. Yep, nada, ziltch, zero….

Maybe I worked too hard yesterday. It was a long one. Plus having to use my brain too much.

Then to make matters worse, I had to get up early today. The cable guy is coming over to do some “free” upgrade thingy on Direct TV Dish and one of my TVs. Yahoo, I’m finally going to have HD on at least one TV.

But in typical fashion, I took the 8am to noon slot so I could be at work by 2pm. Being that we live in the middle of no where, usually we luck out and get to be first on most plans of attack. I guess not today. I wake up early so I can shower.  I so wanted to close my eyes and go back to sleep in my chair. But noooo, I fight it.

Yet my dogs taunt me by sleeping on their pillows in front of me. I’m so jealous!

garfield sleeping pillow

But here I sit, 3 hours later and still no cable guy. I wonder if he knows he has exactly 50 minutes to get his happy butt here? The only thing in his favor is when he goes under the house, it isn’t going to be 95 degrees today.

Ok, I’m just rambling. I wont bore you any more. This post is making me sleepier. Maybe if I close my eyes he will show up. That is exactly what would happen.

Ok, I’ll probably be back later with a better post. But no promises. I don’t want to keep putting you in suspense.   😀

Oh, before I go. Here is a cute picture I found while looking for some sleeping ones. Thought you might get a little laugh.


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Time To Hump Your Day ~~ It’s Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!  Yep, it’s the second most popular weekday (After Friday of course).

It’s the day we all know the tide is coming and we are about to wash ashore to our weekend soon.

It is kind of misleading if you ask me. Technically you have only completed 2 of the 5 days. And until you are half way done with your day, you haven’t really crossed the hump. So no getting excited until noon people! Best advice, wake up at 12:01pm and you can start celebrating.

Besides, last time I noticed, many of you work Saturday and Sunday (someone has to serve the public on their days off). And it might not be your hump day. It might be your Friday. But I digress….

Now that I think about it, I think dogs think it is hump day everyday…

Just so you know, I”m trying to keep this PG-13 but let me tell ya, there are a lot “hump” pictures.

You really never realize how much humping is going on until you google Hump Day.  LOL

With that note, let’s see what interesting facts can we find about Wednesday?

Well let me tell ya, if I thought it was hard to find Tuesday facts, Wednesday is like that camel, dry as the desert. I’m scared to see what little Thursday has to offer.

  • There are two religious references to Wednesday – Ash Wednesday & Holy Wednesday
    • Fact within a Fact – Where do churches typically get the ashes that are used to mark worshippers’ foreheads on Ash Wednesday?
      • They burn the palms from the previous year’s Palm Sunday
  • 99% of the people spell out Wednesday in their head like this… WED ~~ NES~~ DAY  (ok, I just made up that statistic because that is how I do it and I don’t want to be alone)
  • We only use one nostril at a time, and switch every four hours (noticible when we have a cold). (ok, has nothing to do with Wed-nes-day but I found it during my search and thought you all should know)
  • Yea, I’m at a loss. This is a sucky day to find facts on. But I do notice it’s Trivia night in a hell of a lot of places every Wednesday, So if you are feeling real smart, head to your local bar.
  • Since the actual day facts are scarce, I’m going to be resourceful and do facts about Wednesdayfrom Addams family (besides me being teased about the song due to my last name)
    • Her middle name is Friday (Guess they really loved the weekdays)
    • Her doll was Marie Antoinette (her brother Pugsley beheaded it (imagine what he would have done if she had a Tickle Me Elmo)
    • On TV she was a happy camper, in the movies she became more like a future goth brat (carrying around a decapitated doll will do that to you)

Well, I best be getting something accomplished today. So I’ll be back tomorrow with more pointless daily ramblings.   😀

~~~till we laugh again~~~




Watching TV with My MOM – circa 1977

Soap (TV series)
Image via Wikipedia

When I was younger I was a TV fanatic long before TiVo, remote controls, cable and 350 stations. I couldn’t wait for the new issue of TV Guide to come out. I would read it cover to cover. Looking for all my favorites so as not to miss any of them. For a brief while I even collected the TV Guides thinking they would be worth something.

This passion for TV lasted for a long, long time. I still love my shows today but I’m no longer as obsessed as I was then. Back then it was my form of escape. My mom would always wonder how I did my homework with the TV on, the radio on and still get good grades. I guess you could say I’ve always been a multi-tasker.

Through the course of the year, I’ll share some of my favorite TV memories (I’ve shared my love of Get Smart all ready).

In 1977 I was only 11 years old. And a new show came on called SOAP.  SOAP told the story of the rich Tates & the working class Campbells. It was a knock off of day time soaps with a major comedic take on it all. It had murder, sex, crazy families, all the things good soaps have. And I loved it.

What I loved most though was this was my time with my mom.

I have 3 younger siblings and as you can imagine, her time was taken up by all of us. But Tuesday nights were mine. Each week for the 4 years that show was on TV, my mom and I would sit together and watch this awesome show. Some would say that maybe this show wasn’t the most appropriate but my mom knew I was mature enough to realize the comedy of the whole thing.

We were so bummed when the show was cancelled. We still watched TV but it was never the same. Nothing touched us as a pair like this show did. Who knows why, but we both laughed so much and just loved this show.

The show went off the air in 1981. It is 30 years later and to this day we still have a little joke we do from the show.

Billy Crystal’s character was the smart one and his TV brother’s character (played by Ted Wass) was a little on the slower side. On one show, Billy’s character is leaving and says to his brother…“CHAO” ….and his brother replies… “GRUB!”

OMG, we laughed our butts off. To this day it makes me laugh so hard.

Every once in awhile one of us will say to the other “CHAO” and the other will reply “GRUB!”….

I miss those Tuesday nights, but I still have the memories…   I Love Ya Ma….


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Super Bowl Sunday – Why Do You Watch?

Well today is Super Bowl Sunday. Will you be watching? According to most reports, 100% of the people will be. Ok, maybe not 100% but pretty much anyone within reach of a TV or internet will view the Super Bowl. Sure some will watch the actual game, but many will tune in for some other reason.

Let’s face it, for many people watching, this will be the only football game they watched all season. Some people will wonder why the Giants say NY instead of SF on their helmets. Some will bug those watching by asking, “Why does that man keep throwing his handkerchief on the ground?”

Normally during our TV viewing days, we spend 354 days fast forwarding through the commercials unless we are going to the bathroom. Today is the only day out of the year that people will actually pee during the game just to not miss a commercial.

Let’s face it, unless the game is close, the only thing you can get excited about are the commercials. You know, the ones where companies spend millions of dollars to make a commercial, then spend millions more for their 30 second spot, all because they know we are suckers for this annual tradition of hype. But even I must admit, watching Betty White get tackled a few years ago was pretty freaking hilarious.

Tomorrow, the internet will blow up with people surfing the web to re-watch their favorite ones. And the poor fools like myself that have to work, will fast forward their TIVOs just to get to the commercials everyone was raving about. (Why watch the game? By then we already know who won.)

While I type this, thousands of people have flooded the grocery stores to buy their last minute chips & dip. BBQs around the globe are being fired up to flame broil the millions of wienies, burgers & steaks that will be consumed today. And tonight, millions of kitchens and living rooms across America will be littered with left over residue of the Super Bowl Parties that will begin shortly.

So while some of you pull on your team jersey, and wish it was your team playing today, there is someone else in the world dusting off their material girl clothes from the 80s as they watch Madonna perform. (and you know who you are out there so stop denying it!)   😀

But which ever reason you pick today, enjoy the game. Because tomorrow you will have a mess to clean up and a whole lot of reminiscing to do with everyone as they rehash what happened.

~~~till we laugh again~~~