OMG – How Cruel Was This?

Ok, so if you have been reading my blog, you know I decided to make a few changes with the new year. Riding the Orange bike, attempting to use a stair stepper and the hardest of all… Cold turkey stop of my Coca Cola addiction. Yes, I say addiction. For the past few years I have drank so much coke that I’m surprised my insides are still there. Have you seen this stuff work on battery acid?

I probably drank anywhere between 24 – 55 oz a day. (Collective Gasp heard around the world). I know. Bad Tammy. But hey, that was sooooo 2011.

Today is officially Day 27 of this new Coke free me. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Well, it’s been more than 21 days and I still miss my baby. Not like I did, but it is just like my baby is off away at college. I don’t want it move back, but I do miss it.

And just like a child away at college, I do have a room dedicated to it. Calm down, I’m not like that crazy cat woman (sorry Kitty Bloger – who I LOVE by the way). I just happen to have a game room full of coke memorabilia. So each day I come home to a room full of puzzles, toys, collectibles and old coke bottles (some with old coke) still in them.

But this morning a true crime was committed. Yes, it may have started out innocently as a token of love but instead was an act of cruelty.

This morning I open my fridge and what do I see? Yep the picture above. A nice, fresh, bottle of my drug of choice. Staring me, taunting me, right in the face.

What is a girl to do? Slam the fridge real quick and run? Pretend it isn’t there? Drool begins to form in the corners of my mouth and thoughts of that sugar water race through my head. Maybe it is a sign? Maybe I’m suppose to go back to my lovely addiction. Maybe I’m suppose to rot my body from the inside out.

Afterall, it was bought with love (Although the perpetrator claims they “forgot” – likely story)   😀

But being the good girl I’m trying to be, I grabbed my keys and quickly ran out the door. I was not going to cave. Not today anyways. I would be strong and triumphant. I got to work, hopped on the Orange bike and road like a mad woman for 15 minutes. (Hey, it’s only been 27 days, go easy on me).

I will be strong for now. I will not be tempted. But I definitely will call home and remind the perpetrator that they need to drink it by 8pm. Get rid of the evidence and I’ll pretend I’m Pam waking up to find Bobby in the shower.  (Old Dallas reference for you over 40s). And it never happened.

Well, my rant is over. I shall survive. But it will be a long day of memories. Remembering the good ole days. A nice 32 oz coke to sip on all day. So as I drink my water and ice tea, I’ll pretend it was still 2011.

So as you fight your resolutions, just know those that love you don’t mean to be cruel. They just are.

ROFL  (sorry, busting up laughing now)


~~~till we laugh again~~~



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