Laughter in the Clouds

Laughter can be found anywhere, including up above.

Have you ever been driving down the road and looking off into the sky only to wonder how that giant dog got up there?  You ask the person next to you and they say, I don’t see a dog but I see duck. Soon the two of you are noticing all of the items lost in the clouds and having a great time doing so.

Now you might think that the only time you can stare off into the clouds and daydream is while laying in a field of poppies on your back with your best friend. While that might be the ultimate setting, I don’t recommend laying on your back while driving. And I’d stay away from the poppies as they have been known to cause folks to fail drug tests.

But what I do recommend is getting inspired for your smile just by looking around.up. What can you see up there? I’m pretty sure you will see more than squirrels, bunnies, and other animals. Maybe you will find Jesus and can snap a picture and get on the evening news.

Or, if you are in a loving mood, maybe some hearts or even two people holding hands. And if you two are fighting, maybe a person hitting the other with a frying pan. But I bet it is up there.

Or if you have been driving for hours, may you will see a hot dog, or burrito. Or if you have been driving for a really long time with no break, maybe even a toilet. Thus causing you to really wish you would have stopped at that last rest stop.

You see, they are more than floating cotton balls. They are doors to our imagination. And if all you see is cotton balls, then you have an unhealthy relationship with sheep. Oh wait, that’s wool.

So next time when looking for inspiration for your laughter or smile, sometimes you don’t have to look any further than above.

Oh, and if you find yourself saying “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, it’s SUPERMAN!” then you are just driving through Metropolis.


~~~till we laugh again~~~