Cell Phones are Taking Over the Taco Bell

I Wish One Little Girl Would Just Eat Her Phone


taco bellSo, during a hard day’s work, I slip off for some lunch time at my local Taco Bell. I have a special love for Taco Bell as it was my first job. But that is another story for another day.

I get my quesadilla (I highly recommend the spicy, shredded chicken quesadilla) and slide into my booth to enjoy some peace and quiet. Or did I???

Not 2 minutes later a loud voice starts booming throughout the lobby. Some laughter and music. My head snaps up and notice the little girl in front of me is watching some show on her cell phone.  Her mother oblivious to how loud and obnoxious this is to everyone in this packed lobby.

Soon the little girl isn’t even looking at the screen as she is lost in her tacos. The phone pushed aside yet still as loud as possible.

I look around to see if everyone else is shooting daggers into this mother who doesn’t realize she is raising a brat who has no respect for others.

eating on phoneSo what do I see?  Family of 6 to the right, all 6 on their cell phones! Yes, mom, dad and their 4 bambinos. Next table, all on cell phones. Next table, all on their cell phones.

OMG, I turn to see that no one is bothered by this horrendously rude show blasting because their noses are so buried in their own phones.

I stop and count…..12,13,14,wow 15 people in this lobby and I’m the only one not on my cell phone! Crazy!

Ok, I must confess. Soon as I polished off the quesadilla I too was on my cell phone. Yep, it was Candy Crush time.

Fine, I’m one of “those” people.

Hey, but at least I’m not blasting my phone and forcing everyone to listen to it!

Listen, bury your nose in phone, just don’t shove it down my ears!


~~Till we Laugh Again!~~~


People Crack Me Up

People crack me up…

5 people walk in the store….

Me:  ” Hello there”

Them: Silence


Me: “Let me know if there is something you want to try?”

Them: Silence


Me: Stare off a moment…Make direct eye contact with one…Hello

Her: Silence


Me: One of them will say hi dang it!  Ten year old boy staring at me now…”Would you like to try something?”

Him: Silence…grabs mom’s shirt (what am I gonna attack him?)


Me: “Just let me know when anyone is ready”

Them: Still silence


Me: Walk off a minute…mumble to self, “they all can’t be deaf”

Them: still just staring off at the menu


Me: Wander back. One more try…”Any one decided yet?”

Them: Silence…. They are killing me!!!


An eternity later (or 10 minutes if looking at a real clock – no joke)


Mom: Chocolate

Me: Knock me over with a feather…they do talk!! Ok, at least one of them…..


Turns out they all can talk!

Just not to me.

I’m pretty sure I showered this morning.

sniff sniff…. yep


Sad part is….. People do this all the time to us… never acknowledging us.. I have to teach the kids not to take it personally.

Even sadder?  These people actually turned out really nice once they ate they ice cream. Then they started talking to me and laughing.


People are odd creatures….


~~~till we laugh again~~~

I Know She Just Didn’t Say What I Think She Said…

Those that know me know how much I pride myself on great customer service. Through the years I have preached not talk back or get into arguments with them. It’s not so much that the customer is always right; it’s more about providing great customer service. Some folks will have bad days. If a customer gets upset they are normally mad at the process or the company, not necessarily you so don’t take it personal. But there are some things I do not put up with and that is customers abusing my people. You can yell at me if you are mad, but not them. Besides, I’m way better at keeping my mouth shut when people piss me off. Well, let’s say I WAS good at keeping my mouth shut.

So, the other day, the following happened….

One of the joys of our ice cream shop is how we have 31 flavors (32 if you count them – we know you remind us every day smarty pants). Many people get flavor overload when trying to make a decision when faced with so many options. So we stand there for what feels like hours waiting for people to make a choice. It is painful to say the least. And often times it kills me just standing there when I have tons to do.

So, one of these wonderful moments were occurring the other day. This one lady and her friend were deciding. This one lady was taking F O R E V E R. Finally her friend realized it and said, “Hey, we need to decide, I’m sure she has other things she’d like to do vs waiting for us.” (awe, how nice of her).



All my years of being good, left me in one minute. Before I knew it, the following left my mouth, “ No, it’s NOT my job to wait for you. I actually don’t have to wait at all. I CHOOSE to stand here waiting for you.”


Now I’m not getting any happier in this situation as you can imagine. My well controlled smart ass continues to use its outside voice. “THEY, dont pay me anything, I own the place, I don’t have to WAIT for anyone. As I said, I CHOOSE to wait, now what would you like?”

Needless to say, her friend was very embarrassed, (she had no reason to be – not her fault her friend is a spoiled brat with no respect for others – especially those that are offering her their services).

The morale of the story boys and girls is this…

While yes you are paying for goods or a service, those that are helping you usually are trying to give you great service out of a desire to give you a great experience. There is no need to be rude to them when they are not rude to you. Yes there are rude service people out there. Fine, be rude back if they deserve it if you want, but there is no need for you to be rude to them when they are JUST DOING THEIR JOB as you say.  LOL.

Ok, maybe I let this get to me for no reason. Maybe I’ve worked too long with no time off. Maybe I was bored of waiting for her. Or maybe, just maybe – She was just a BITCH.

ROFL     :D