We All Need a SuperHero in our Lives

So, what superpower would you want? 

Would you fly?

Would you have invisibility?

Would you want to fight the bad guys and never get hurt?

Would you have x-ray eyes?

(u perv)  😀

Let’s face it, we all would love some great ability.

I just hope most of you would use the power for good vs evil.

(I know how some of you are)


The other day I got my own personal SuperHero from my sister and nephews.

We will call him…

Super Duckie!!

He is able to float on water!!

Has the ability to never drown no matter how long he is held under water!!

Make other’s jealous of his cape!

(after all we all want a cape)


So, what other superpowers should Super Duckie have?

What did you want for your Superpower?


~~~till we laugh again~~~

What a Cool Present!


As you know, I’ve got a thing with Rubber Duckies lately. I just feel they bring happiness to everyone regardless of age.

Today I got the coolest present! Someone very important to me found this and immediately knew that it and I were meant to be together. I think after you see it, you will agree.

Isn’t it awesome! 


I have created a place for it with some of my new collection. I’m going to have gather all the children from their scattered spots in my life and create a dedicated home. But for now, this works perfectly.

I just had to share this cool gift. I think we were meant to be together.


~~~till we laugh again~~~