What a Cool Present!


As you know, I’ve got a thing with Rubber Duckies lately. I just feel they bring happiness to everyone regardless of age.

Today I got the coolest present! Someone very important to me found this and immediately knew that it and I were meant to be together. I think after you see it, you will agree.

Isn’t it awesome! 


I have created a place for it with some of my new collection. I’m going to have gather all the children from their scattered spots in my life and create a dedicated home. But for now, this works perfectly.

I just had to share this cool gift. I think we were meant to be together.


~~~till we laugh again~~~


Two New Duckies for the Collection

OK, I will not lie. I am doing a fluff post today.

But I’m excited about my two new additions to my ducky collection.

Ducky #1 was actually given to me by Buckwheatsrisk, when she saw him she knew I just had to have him.


This is Squirt

Isn’t he cute?

He is a happy little fella!


My other new addition came from my nephews and sister.

He is a big boy. He is much bigger than the other duckies.

Then again, he isn’t a he. I’m pretty sure she is a she.

This is Dotty

Guess she could have been spotty, but she is dotty

Which now makes her the 3rd Dotty in my life.

My late grandmother went by Dotty

(I doubt she came back as a rubber ducky though, but you never know since she went to the beat of her own drummer)

Then I have Dotty Headbanger who lent me her two duckies

Note to self, I may need a page on here for the collection of duckies

(update- check up top – I added one!)

After all, I am sharing with you my adoring fans as I collect them. Seems only fair.

Well there you have it. My two new babies.

Feel free to send me any duckies you think will be good for the collection.

Only catch is, they have to help other’s smile or laugh.


~~~Till we laugh again~~~

He’s an Adventurous One

I debated what I was going to write today. I know I have been doing some cheap fun laughs this week. No major life issues trying to find some laughter in. Yes, there have been some life issues, but isn’t that called daily life?

Sometimes I think we just need silly stuff to make us laugh. To be that kid at heart that just finds laughs in stupid things. I’m good at finding laughter in stupid things. Just ask my family.  LOL.

I do have a few posts I’m going to do next week on some more serious stuff, but hell, why ruin a silly week by going all serious? So I will be silly today.

As you know, I’m collecting some new friends. Yesterday I said I would introduce you to him. I’m still deciding what to name him. But for now I’ll call him Duckie.


Here is Duckie ~ He’s Hot!

Hot Pink that is.

Now, I discovered that Duckie is pretty adventurous.

On his first day home look at all the stuff he got himself into around the house.

He heard the dogs get treats when I get home, he couldn’t wait for his.

They were a little dry so then he needed some water.

He thought he’d hang out with the other birds

Then he got lost in time.

Silly duck doesn’t know popcorn isn’t good for him.

Hanging out with his new friends having a Coke

Whoops, looks like he found his way to the Pink Truck.

(Least he could do is wash the windows for me). 

Rut Ro..I think he is going to hitch a ride!


Somehow I think we haven’t seen the end of Duckie’s adventures

To be continued….


Have a great weekend everyone!

See you tomorrow for the Sunday Funnies!


~~till we laugh again~~

Looky What The Queen of She-Hermits Let Me Borrow!

Look what one of my favorite Bloggers, Dotty Headbanger. is letting me borrow!!!


Yep, her prized Rubber Duckies!!

She Lubs Me!

Here is what she said…

Dear Brick, (she calls me brick – long story)

Because I love you very, very much, my Chief of my Collected Americans who brings me ice cream every day, I’ll let you borrow my pet ducks if you want to (I don’t know how to put pictures in a post). They’re called Mucky Ducky & Fucky Ducky and they live on my sidebar. :-)  

She so funny! 

I just hope I don’t hurt them in any way. Those two ducks look like they might be a little wild. I may have to get them a private room. Keep them away from the rubber duckies.  Then again, I wonder how fast rubber duckies breed? I might have a huge collection before I know it. Hmmm

So in Honor of my Favorite She-Hermit, I’m going to name one of my Rubber Duckies after her. Yep, my Queen Ducky will for now on be known as my Little Headbanger!



Little Headbanger


Don’t forget to visit her at … http://dottyheadbanger.wordpress.com/ .

thanks again My Favorite She-Hermit!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Should I Start a Rubber Ducky Collection?


Isn’t my new friend cool?

I love my new friend. 

I’ve written in the past about my love of Rubber Duckies.


What is it about a rubber ducky?

Now I have like four rubber duckies. Hmm I wonder if this fascination started before or after that unfortunate incident…


My Little Orphaned Rubber Ducky ~ I Didn’t Mean to Do it!

(seriously, if you want one of my best stories, you have to click above and read this, my all time favorite story of my life and totally true)


After writing that, some didn’t believe me so I had to show the proof…

Proof of the Orphaned Rubber Ducky


Hmm, I’m thinking the fascination definitely started when that first rubber ducky showed up in my life.

I’m thinking I might start collecting them. The more Non~Normal the better I think. Maybe even from around the world.  Hmmmm

Watcha think? Should I?  Even better, I could have them secretly show up on my door step like the other one..



I’m telling you, go read the middle one.. you will laugh your ass off at me.


Yea, I definitely need to start collecting my some Non~Normal Rubber Ducks!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Proof of the Orphaned Rubber Ducky

The Orphaned Rubber Ducky

In my rubber ducky story I ended by saying how the Orphaned Rubber Ducky was being well taken care of by my Golden Goose from a Steven Covey seminar I did. Plus a penguin that can’t be bothered.

Well a picture is worth a thousand words they say so I snapped this picture this morning to show the world how healthy the ducky is today (even though he might be a little dusty – I’m not a big duster – ok, I rarely dust, so lay off me)   😀

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My Little Orphaned Rubber Ducky…I didn’t mean to do it…

OK, before I tell this story, I am not proud of what I did, and it is an accident that still haunts me to this day.

However, it also brought me one of the best laughs I ever had a few weeks later. Plus I became the proud parent of an Orphaned Rubber Ducky…

About 10 years ago I was out with a large group of co-workers for a “day of adventure”. We were playing golf up in Washington  where our Divisional headquarters were. This golf course had several ponds weaved in between the many holes. (some of you are all ready ahead of me on what happened – shhh, don’t spoil it for others).

At the time, I was still pretty new to playing golf but I had a great tee shot and normally can hit a ball pretty far down the fairway. We pull up to tee off around hole 9. Down the fairway was one of these ponds. I tee up my ball, eye my destination and take a pretty good whack at the little white ball of death. Unfortunately I must have sliced it off a little bit. In typical fashion the ball traveled very far but unfortunately curved right into the pond.

My foursome watched as the ball flew into the pond, skipped 2-3 times and then shot directly into the air sky high. We each then just looked at each other with a “what the…”

We then hopped into our carts to inspect the strange trajectory.

As we pull up we see what we think are little tiny web feet sticking out of the water flapping back and forth. OH NO!!! We immediately assess that the reason the ball flew in the air straight up was that it hit one of our little ducky friends that populated the pond.

At this point I’m sick to my stomach and I love animals, and even have a special fondness for ducks (I did a high school report on them too). Anyways, one of the guys I’m with, grabs a club and is trying from the edge of the pond to flip the duck back up right with his club. What was amazing about this was, this guy was like 6 foot tall, 300lbs easily and a rough around the edges kind of guy and too see him caring so much about this little furry friend was pretty cool.

As Eric continued to try and flip “ducky” we watched in horror as his little feet kept flapping until they slowly stopped one foot at a time. Our hearts sunk as we realized that he was “gone”.

If I wasn’t feeling bad enough, word spread quickly to the 30+ of us out there that I had “killed” a duck. Some of them felt bad with me, some thought it was funny, but most just wanted to tease me relentlessly about it. “Duck Killer” was just one of the new titles I was crowned.

Fast forward several weeks or months, I lost track of time……

My assistant at the time brought me a small box that had been delivered. I did the typically shaking of the box and looking at who it was from. It had no name on it other than mine and had a slight rattle.

And what was in the box? A small rubber ducky with a yellow post it note on it saying… “Have you seen my mommy?”

Like I’m sure you just did, I busted up laughing.

I still have this little orphaned duck. He sat on my desk with his note looking for his mommy for many years. He even traveled through three states I moved from. Today he resides in my home office. The note has since been lost, but his home with me has not. I provide him with good meals, lots of water, and the big metal goose I got from a Steven Covey seminar keeps watch over him when I am not home. He has not wanted for anything in the past 10+ years.

While the horror of the memory is still there even to this day, I can not help but smile and laugh over the whole thing. While I’m sure a co-worker(s) thought it would be funny as hell they actually helped me move on from the tragedy of the day. No one ever confessed who sent it, but a whole lot of them knew about it.

Every once in awhile someone brings it up. I tell a funny visual version of this story to my nephews and nieces using my arms as the victims legs. Sometimes we must find humor in the sad moments of our life. It is laughter afterall that keeps us going and helps us through things.

I love rubber duckies, and I love my orphaned rubber ducky most. And hopefully he and I gave you a a smile and a little laugh…

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What Is It About A Rubber Ducky?

So what is it about a Rubber Ducky that just makes me smile?

This is a giant Rubber Ducky that was in the parking lot next to my shop last summer. I loved to drive by and see him. He put a smile on my face the same way that the big giant gorilla that seems to be everywhere does for others.

But I love rubber duckies. I have one that sits on my printer at work with a crown on (why? I have no idea, I think some kid left it behind one time and it was cute). I have one that use to sit on my desk at work when I worked for Home Depot and no he resides in my office at home. But he is a special rubber ducky. And tomorrow, I will tell you a great story that goes along with him (yes, we will have a two parter – just like the Harry Potter or Twilight two parters only funnier since it is written by me for me)  😀

Back to Rubber Duckies….

I didn’t have a rubber ducky to play in the tub with, so I know my fascination isn’t about childhood memories. My mom would say it is cuz they are yellow and she thinks yellow hung the moon (sorry mom, but yellow only hung the sun).

But honestly, I just think it is cuz they are soooo darn cute and cuddly. And they make me smile. And afterall, it is all about what makes you smile deep inside that counts. And for me, it is Yellow Rubber Duckies.   I’m not afraid to admit it.  And if you were honest with yourself, I don’t think I’m alone!   (except my little sister who is deathly afraid of the color yellow – ROFL).

Tomorrow, I tell you the funny story of how an orphaned rubber ducky ended up in my care…..

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