Should You Make a New Years Resolution?


Hmm, maybe that was a little rough. 

Oh surrrrrr, go ahead. Make as many New Year’s Resolutions as you can. Join the rush to be rah rah for 30 days promising yourself you wont do this, or you will do that. But don’t come to us in February acting as if you never promised it.    LOL

to do list for Jan

Let’s face it. Only 1 in a 10,000 people are successful with these things,

unattainable new years


If you want to take some steps to make your life better in 2014, I’m in! Besides,  why be normal? Why be a statistic? Just be you!  Here is what we should do…

be more awesome

We are flawed, but each day we take one step to laugh a little more, move a little more, eat a little better, laugh even more and be kind to others. If we all do a little each day, think about how far you will be on Dec 31, 2014?

I know in 2014 I plan to swing by and laugh with you a little more than I did in 2013. Ok, stop laughing, I did stop by at least 10 times last year so I have a low bar to hurdle.  LOL.

And to start with a few laughs, how about these resolutions I found at  (with a little tweaking for my mind or bad habits or just to make it more 2014..Or to even be a smart ass..Me?? i know…LOL)

New Years Resolutions You Have No Chance At Keeping

When I hear a funny joke I will not reply, “LOL, LMAO, or ROTFLMAO!”  (I’ll screw this one up by 12:01 tonight)

Start using Facebook for something other than Candy Crush or Papa Pear  (How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t play Facebook games!!!……….unless they are on my cell phone)  LOL

Try to figure out why you “really” need 5 Facebook accounts. (Not me but I do know someone…LOL)

Resolve to work with neglected children… your own.  (Hopefully they remember who you are)

Lose 20 pounds by going to the gym!  (Now, that is funny, Let’s get physical, physical, sing it Olivia!)

You will stop using, “So, what’s your URL?” as a pickup line.  (geeks love this one)

You will spend less than five-hour a day on the Internet.  (I see some of you balled up in the corner already sucking your thumb and rocking on this one)

You will spend less than $1000 for coffee at Starbucks this year.  (Once again, I know someone…)

Stop repeating myself again, and again, and again. (And no, you can’t keep blaming Alzheimer’s

You will stop tagging pictures of me in pictures even when I’m not in them   (Seriously, that’s not me, are you blind?)

You will think of a password other than “password” (and yes, stop using 12345 as well!)

im perfect

New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Read less.  (protect you eyes)

Gain weight. Put on at least 30 pounds. Gain enough weight to get on The Biggest Loser.

Start buying lottery tickets at a luckier store

Stop exercising.  (watch the folks on Biggest Loser do it while you eat ice cream)

Waste  time playing Candy Crush and Papa Pear (Oh yes I will!)

Watch more TV. You’ve been missing some good stuff.  Blacklist???  lol

Watch more movie remakes.  (Then pan them compared to the originals)

Start washing your hands after you use the restroom.  (you know who you are)

Procrastinate more.  (I’ll get around to this one)

I will do less laundry and use more deodorant. (for the guys)

Drink. Drink some more. (One Tequila, two tequila, three tequila …FLOOR)

Stop buying worthless junk on Ebay, because QVC has better specials .

Start being superstitious.  (Hate to tell you, floor 14 is really 13)

Spend more time at work. (I’m a pro at this one)

Stop bringing lunch from home: I should eat out more.  (now I just need some lunch 50 cents?)

Take up a new habit: maybe working on this blog more! ( ok, ok, I’ll try!)


source: (with my additions)

Ok everyone, hope you got at least one laugh!!!  Time to say good bye to 2013 and lets laugh together in 2014!!

happy new year


Falling off the Orange Bike

Well, last week was not a good week for the Girl on the Orange Bike. I’m not going to pretend otherwise. Like most new commitments to health, I took a fork in the road. Yes, I fell off the Orange Bike.

Ok, not literally fell off (although it still hurt). No, More like I fell off the wagon. I didn’t ride. (As the crowd begins to say “Oh nooooo”). Yep, for whatever list of excuses I could toss out, I didn’t do my stair stepping (darn and I had just got to the 300 step mark before passing out too). And I didn’t ride. But on the positive side, no matter how much I am still craving my Coke, I haven’t caved on that. (So I’m still batting .333% which would be great in baseball)

Sure, I could blame the company we had at the house (didn’t want to make all that noise on the stepper). Or I could say I ran late to work each day so I didn’t get to ride before opening. I’m sure I could list off hundreds, no thousands of excuses, I mean reasons. But I wont. Bottom line is, I lost focus.

Howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the good news is, I hopped on that stepper today determined to get back on track. I was certain I would have fallen back to the 100 steps, I began with. But after pushing through the 3 minutes of boredom I was able to get back to my 300. Yahoo, no set back just a stall. I was then determined to ride today but excuse #1485 came into play and I missed that one. But I will prevail and ride tomorrow!

I will not be a statistic. I will not be part of the 95% that stop in February. It was just a coincidence I tell you!

So tomorrow I’ll dust off the seat bike from the week of dust it has collected (Cuz if I don’t, my butt will have dust all over it and how embarrassing would that be?)

If all goes well, in two weeks when it is time for my update, I will be proud to say I’m still off the Coke (the drink not the other stuff silly), stepping 400 steps and back to twirling around the subdivision again.

As a side note, my fingers are getting a great work out each day from the Post a Day in 2012. They are like super human fingers.    😀

~~~till we laugh again~~~


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