Two New Kiddos in the House

Meet My New Babies


Upton and BuddyA few weeks ago I brought two new babies home. Please meet Buddy & Upton. These two little guys make me smile and laugh each day!

Buddy is on the left and Upton on the right.

Granted, I’m not laughing at 5am when they want to go out to go “potty”. LOL

Living in the desert has its challenges with little dogs. Having no real backyard, it isn’t like we can just let them out to roam around. They must be taken out to go and they always think it is play time.

The other thing I’ve learned is, neither like thunder! We have had several storms (including one right now as I write this). Ever see two 5lb Yorkies shaking like there is no tomorrow?

I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of our adventures in the future so I thought I’d take a moment to introduce them to you.

I better go, the storm is getting worse and they need to be held. Time to be a good mommy.   🙂

Pet Therapy

Every once in a while I get some cool stuff emailed to me by my fellow blog readers for things they think you folks will like. Today’s post is from Devina over at Hot Chocolate & Books. I think you will find one or two that will make you smile…  Here is some Pet Therapy…


Pet Therapy Starts now…




Fluff n Fluffy

Outta shape

Soft, warm and snuggly


Quiet Time

Cuddles n Cuddy


oooooh… daz big!

How tiny!!!





They were all so cute.

I hope you found one to give you a smile or chuckle for your day!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

A Dog’s Unconditional Love

Thank you for all the kind words yesterday about my family’s loss of our dog Bingo yesterday.

Today has been a sad day as you can imagine. As I’ve said before, my dog was more of a shadow than anything. She followed me everywhere, especially in the morning as I got ready. Probably since she knew I would be leaving the house to go to work, she always wanted to stick close to me until I left.

As I walked out of bed and didn’t have to step over her, or when I showered when she normally laid on the mat waiting for me, I was sad knowing she would never be there again. I’m sure when I go home in a few hours, not being greeted by her at the front door will bring up that sadness as well. Her tail a wagging as she was so excited.

My goal this post is not to be sad, but to celebrate what many people have found in their lives. Our Pet’s are our family. Especially for those like myself that never had children. They become your children. Especially after 14 years together.

But a dog’s love is different. I love cats, but they are independent and can have an attitude at times. But that is part of their charm.

A dog however, they only want to love you and for you to love them back.

They just want to let you know that they will always be there for you…

They teach us to just relax and let the wind blow in our fur I mean hair and enjoy the ride…

Thank you to those of you that shared your story of a lost pet and for those of you who shared that you recognize that your beloved “child” is nearing the end as well.

Fill your heart with happy memories. Sure they might make you sad, but even in death, our dogs continue to show us the love they had for us. All you have to do is revisit these memories.




~~~till we laugh again~~~

Pugs in Love

I have been laughing my butt off all afternoon after seeing this picture a friend of mine posted. I knew right away I just had to share this.

There are so many funny lines you could capture with this picture. The cleanest of which is what I used – PUGS IN LOVE.  The looks on their faces totally look as if they are being interrupted and they were caught in the act of a wonderful evening together.

I thank whoever took this picture because it is hilarious and I hope it brings a smile and some laughter to your life as well. ….  Feel free to suggest captions as well if you want. OMG, I’m still laughing….