Today Fall Came in Arizona ~ April 23rd

fall I bet it seems odd to think about fall coming when it is 101 degrees at 5pm but today it did.

Many of you probably experience the changing of the leaves and the joy of raking them up. Here in Arizona, plants, bushes and trees have learned to survive without water so we usually don’t deal with this fun chore often delegated to the munchkins (children) in your life since we really have no leaves on most of our trees.

However today, Fall came. Yep, Fall arrived on April 23rd.

We have a tree called a Paloverde tree whose small leaves turn bright yellow in the spring. And I guess the past couple of days of 100+ degrees was just too much for them to handle. Today they decided to make a break from it and spread their yellow love across parking lots every where.


Fall in April


These little yellow suckers are all over the pavement, cars, islands, you name it, of the shopping center. A sea of yellow every where.

Only we don’t have to rake them.

Nope, the breeze just carries them away over the next few days. I’m thinking New Mexico will be yellow by next Tuesday when they all arrive there.

Today, this sight put a smile on my face and I hope it gives you a small one as well as I bring you the Arizona version of Fall in 101 degrees.


~~~till we laugh again~~~