Sunday Funnies 3rd Edition

Yahoo, everyone’s favorite lazy day! Even for us non~normal folks. 

And since our theme has been about being unique and ourselves, why not dedicate our funnies to the theme?

First a few sayings that fit our thoughts:

Now on the one above, I wonder how many get it?   😉

I so want this necklace

It would go nice with this shirt

No kidding, especially when trying to go undetected

My kind of pup! I want him!

LOL, this one just makes me smile

How us “non normal” folks look to the poor “normal” folks


So as we bring our week of embracing our “non normalness” to a close…

Thank you for sharing with the world, how proud you are of Not Being Normal!  😀

Check out this post I did last year called Y B Normal?  

I think most of you can relate


~~~till we laugh again~~~

For My Non~Normal Partners in Crime

Ok, I let my day get away from me again. And here I sit with an hour to get my daily post in. So forgive me that I will be brief.

As part of joining our new club Not Normal and Proud of It! Club, you will not be getting a toaster but you will be receiving this cool hat!

Aren’t you excited? 


And tomorrow’s Sunday Funnies will bring my non~normal theme to a close….

Ok, not forever, but for a wee bit…

Try and not cry that it is almost over.

But we will be having a BBQ Picnic at the fort!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

No Normal People Allowed!

Wow, who would have thought after yesterday’s post I would have so many people banging down the door to join my club of non normal people? 

We are a unique group. After all, normal is soooooo boring.

Us non normal people relish in our qualities that make us stand out from others.

We laugh things most people don’t, and usually at all the wrong moments too.  And, if you are like me, it doesn’t bother you at all.

We also tend to think other people take life way to seriously. Now, I’m not saying we aren’t serious, but jeez louise, some of you are serious about stuff that really doesn’t make a difference.

So, for all of you that want to join our Not Normal and Proud of It! Club… Here is the Fort that I’ve built us.

Feel free to visit anytime you need to hide from these “normal” people who try so hard to ruin your day.

So far in our club we have….

Wow, that’s a good start!

For those of you wanting to get in….raise your hands….higherrrrrrrr, HIGHERRRRRR

tsk tsk, I can see you through the screen. Some of you didn’t do it.

Oh heck, the more crazy and weird you are the better!  

So sing down the halls, skip across the yard, laugh at your neighbors butt crack as they pick up their Sunday paper. Whatever you do that makes you odd, shout it from the rooftops!

Just sign up by clicking Like and feel free to leave a comment on why you should be included or what you would bring to our club!

~~~~till we laugh again~~~~

Y B Normal?

Most of my life people have thought I was a little odd. To them, I say – AND PROUD OF IT!   😀

Let’s face it, normal sucks. I like to embrace my uniqueness. Granted, I’m not as unique as some but unique in my own way. But isn’t that the way it is suppose to be?

If having no sense of humor is normal I don’t want anything to do with it. Not being able to laugh for no reason? Count me out. I want to laugh just cuz I found it freaking funny. No matter how stupid it may seem to you.

Acting a goofball out of the blue? Yep, I’m in. Dancing with a stuffed animal and pretending it is talking to me? You got it. Making funny voices when I talk to you? Oh yea.

Feeling as if the world has it out for me? NO WAY! I refuse to give in to the bad stuff that happens. I like my view on life. I refuse to be “normal” and be a chicken little like many others. I see the glass half full dang it! And it is, even if there is only a drop left in the darn thing.

So if you want to be “normal” and feel sorry for yourself, if you want to be “normal” and never laugh, if you want to be “normal” and act all mature and grown up 24/7 then have fun. If you want to miss all the funny stuff that happens during a day. You want to repress those urges to just let go – Then you be normal. Normal sucks.

I have a saying

      Be mature but remain a kid at heart…


So don’t be normal… Laugh and don’t worry what other people think. It’s their depressed life and weird hang ups. Be you. The world would be a much better place if it would just embrace everyone’s “weirdness”…

And whatever you do, please let your kids be who they are, life sucks enough without you trying to make them “normal”…