Sunday ~~ aka “Crap, I gotta go back to work tomorrow!”

Well, we made it to Sunday in our look at each day of the week. Sunday has a love / hate feel to it for most. (For now, we will pretend today isn’t Easter)

For some of you, it is a day of worship, for some of you it is a day of all the chores you refused to do yesterday, and for some of you, you will gripe all day that you have to go back to work tomorrow. A lucky few of you, will go to church, come home, do your chores, and gripe all day about going back to work tomorrow.  LOL

Then again, some of you will sleep all day. Sure you might get out of bed to pee and maybe raid the pantry, but for the most part, it’s sports all day in your pajamas. NASCAR, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, Soccer you name it. But for the most part, Sunday’s tend to be the laziest day of the week.

Let’s see what facts we can drum up from our Google search…

  • Extreme Couponers live for Sundays.. The Sunday newspaper is huge today as it is filled with everything under the sun. Including comics and those coveted coupons (Admit it, at least one of you jumped up and down when you get yours – probably even stole a neighbor or twos)
  • Most radio stations play their top 10, top 25, etc countdowns (Is Casey Kassem even alive anymore? Or did Ryan Seacrest just shove him in a closet?)
  • Businesses tend to close earlier (which creates issues that everyone is off and no one is open – kind of ironic if you ask me)
  • Most sports games are almost always during the day on Sundays (hence why no one wants to get off the couch)
  • No century starts on a Sunday  & the Jewish New Year never falls on a Sunday (Had to toss in some facts you could use to wow your friends with)

Well, it’s been an interesting trip down the facts of the week. Here is what I personally learned…

  • Never do it again. Sure it was nice having a theme, but I locked myself in and had some other cool stuff I had to push off. Besides, what idiot picks Easter week to do this? Oh yea, me.  LOL
  • The day’s of the week are pretty important as they have been around for YEARS yet have very little facts about them. Or no one really cared enough to capture their highlights.  Some days were like pulling teeth (yes Wednesday & Thursday, I’m talking to you!)

So I will bring this to a close. If you missed any of the other days and are curious as to what I found and what smart ass comments I added here you go…

Thanks for hanging in there, and now I will return you all to our normal daily insights into finding laughter in our lives…

~~~till we laugh again~~~