Happy Monday!!! Please Don’t Slap Me

Happy Monday Everyone!  No? Not excited it’s Monday? Oh sure, be like everyone else…  😀

I think it is safe to say that Monday’s are the most hated day of the week. Why does it take so much abuse? Easy. It is a reminder that we must now accomplish something. We must now go back to work, or do those errands that we pushed off till Monday or maybe start that diet we kept saying we would on Monday. Everything we don’t want seems to kick off with a Monday.

Poor Monday, it never had a chance.

So I thought for today’s Monday, I’d go out and find some interesting things about Monday that you can wow your friends with.

  • More people have heart attacks on a Monday (People will do anything not to go to work)
  • Unfortunately it is also the #1 day for people to commit suicide (I don’t hate it that much)
  • Most people are late to work on Mondays (No matter how slow you drive, it will still be Monday when you get there)
  • You will be lucky to get 4 hours of productivity out of a person (They are too busy moaning and groaning that it’s Monday)
  • Monday is the least rainy day (I guess even Mother Nature hates to work on Mondays)

Ok, I’ll stop picking on Monday. I actually don’t get hung up on Monday. To me it is just another day since I work everyday, therefore I’m not depressed over going back to work.

However, I do have the little issue of saying I’ll start everything on a Monday. Problem is, I’m half way through the Monday before I realize it’s Monday and I was suppose to start something. Then I have to push it off until the following Monday since I don’t want to give the other 6 days a bad rap.

Well, I suppose I should go accomplish something since according to one of the facts, I can only waste half my day on griping about a Monday. I have to be productive sometime and I’ve already got plans to waste other hours of the day.

~~~till we laugh again~~~