Butterflies are Evil!

So a few days ago I wrote about the snake in the front yard, and what might amuse you is, I’m more bothered by Butterflies more than I am snakes. huh???

Yep, I do NOT like butterflies or moths.  Give me a snake, a mouse, or even a spider. (no cockroaches tho – bad memories).

Ok, it’s not that I don’t like them, I’m just not a fan. Why? I am not a fan of anything flying. I feel like they are attacking from all angles and freak me out. They start flying around me and I’m like “I’m outta here”

A group of us went to a Botanical Garden one time and they had one of those Butterfly enclosures. I was not having anything to do with it. But I sucked it up and went inside. I probably hold the record for the quickest entry and exit. Those suckers start flying around and my heart starts pounding. Exit stage left….

Worse than butterflies? Moths. At least butterflies are pretty, Moths got the short stick in the beauty department. But that isn’t why I don’t like them. They can’t help the fact they missed the crayon box of life. I hate moths because they feel the need to enter my home and hang out around my lights. Some slam into our windows thinking it is a door. Those suckers crash hard too.

They hang out on my porch when the light kicks on. There are several months out of the year where it is like playing moth dodgeball trying to get pass them and into the house without brining in 5-7 of them with you. Just yesterday I found one hiding in the corner of the bathroom thinking I wouldn’t notice him. I swear he turned his head whistling when I looked. You know, that move we all do when trying to be inconspicuous?

(side note, I’m pretty impressed with myself that I just spelled inconspicuous right on the first shot — although I just failed spelling spelled since I wanted to spell spelt)  LOL

Ok, back to the flying creatures of death.

The reason I was inspired to write this post was what occurred last night on my drive home. Living in the middle of no where, I’m use to having 3-6 bugs commit suicide on my windshield on the drive home. Really sucks after you just get through washing the old bug guts off.

Anyways, in the dark, I notice what I thought was a moth stuck on my wiper blade. Next thing I know, I’m driving 60 miles an hour with the realization that the moth is not on the outside of my truck, BUT THE INSIDE!

OMG! That little sucker (not the ucker I used by the way) better not touch me! I roll down both front windows hoping he will be sucked out. But nooooo, he was a tease. He just kept crawling his 2 inch self back and forth across the inside of the windshield. Hiding behind Yoshi (long story) and then back. That 5 minutes was the longest in my life. He disappeared right before I got home. And to be honest, I’m not sure if he has been trapped in there the past 12 hours. I guess I’ll find out in an hour.

This post is longer than I wanted. But let me tell you. Give me a snake any day over being held hostage in my truck by a moth.

Too Funny! I just discovered as I was doing my tags that there is not only an actual fear of butterflies and moths, but a dedicated Facebook page. LOL



~~~till we laugh again~~~