What Would Your Mailbox Be?

So it’s been a long day and my brain is fried. So as funny as I tried to think on my drive home, nothing. Nada, Ziltch.

Then, for some odd reason the word mailbox came to mind. So with mailboxes as my inspiration, I thought I’d surf the web and find some unique and interesting ones to share and hope one of them brings a smile to your face. I know they did mine.

I needed this one when I worked at Home Depot

You might be a redneck if your microwave doubles as your mailbox

Now this is a lobster lover

I’m pretty sure no one will be stealing their mail

I’m pretty sure my arm would only last 3 1/2 minutes

Makes you laugh and freaks you out at the same time

I hate when aliens still my cows

Can you image the first time the mailman had to stick his hand in here?

Further proof of our butt crack epidemic

Hope you had a great weekend everyone!

~~~till we laugh again~~~