What is Your Lucky Charm?

What is Your Lucky Charm When You Gamble? 


So many folks have a lucky charm. Maybe it is a lucky shirt they where when they play sports, or a rabbits foot they have on their key chain. Some folks have a special rock in their pocket. Poker players will often have a lucky card cover. Those that gamble are big on lucky charms and will often have rituals or things they take with them to give them the luck they need to Hit It Big!

So, a few weeks ago I took a trip to Laughlin for a few days of fun and had to laugh when I saw a first. I’ve seen many types of lucky charms and weird rituals. But on this trip to Laughlin I saw a first. I think when you see the picture below you will agree this one is one for the lucky charm books.

lucky charm

Yep, that is a lucky stuffed Jackalope!  

I laughed for so long. I still chuckle on this one.

He was sitting with his mom and they both were spinning away. Mom did’t haven’t a lucky stuffed animal like her son but I’m going to assume maybe she rubbed the Jackalope for good luck as well.  LOL

So, can you beat a lucky Jackalope?  


~~~till we laugh again~~