What Makes You a Kid at Heart?


I have a saying I’ve been sharing for years

Act Responsible, Yet Always Remain a Kid at Heart 


The way I see it, life is full of grown up things we have to deal with…work, bills, life, medical, kids and various other “responsible” things.

It is very important that you offset the weight of all those heavy burdens by having some “kid at heart” moments in your day.

Some of you share these all the time. Maybe playing a joke on someone, messing with your kids, while at a restaurant coming out of the bathroom with a toilet seat cover necklace (yes, I had a friend do this one).

Whatever it is, it helps you remain young and have the ability to handle anything that is thrown your way. That moment of laughter keeps you feeling young. Yes, my body might be feeling 46 but my mind is still hanging out in its 30s. I will be a 80-year-old woman feeling in my 40s.

I remain a kid at heart by laughing at all the things I find funny at any given moment (and I find a lot funny for various reasons). I’m not afraid to be a kid with kids, yet I know that fine line of them knowing I’m the adult still.

So I’m curious…..

What do you do,

to remain a kid at heart?


Please share….Let’s all be a kid at heart on this post…..


~~~till we laugh again~~~