Proof of My Hard Work

Ok, it’s been a long day so far. But for many of you that statement is probably true.

I even have a green, blue, pink thumb to prove it…

I’d show you my whole hand, but it’s shy. So all you get is a thumb. It will have to do. I’d let you borrow it to hitchhike but hitchhiking is bad for your life. Might be some psycho out there, and my thumb couldn’t live with the quilt of helping to hurt you.

Yesterday I was all pink. Why? I’m glad you asked. Lots and lots of pink purses. Wanna see?

Makes ya just want to run out and get your Mom one doesn’t it? So, if you live next to a Baskin Robbins, go order yours today. Tell them Tammy sent you.  LOL

Ok, I must get back to doing something productive. Tomorrow I get to do this all over again but longer.

As Tigger would say…TTFN……Ta Ta for Now


~~~till we laugh again~~~