Dry Heat vs Muggy Heat

Living in Arizona and living through 4-5 months of 100 – 120 degree heat (or 38 – 48 Celsius for you others) I’ve heard my fair share of people saying “It’s a dry heat” Let me show you what a dry heat looks like…



Yes, it literally burns your skin off. You feel like you are baking in an oven. You know exactly how the Toll House Cookies feel.

Now, with that said, during July we have Monsoon season. Meaning the sky opens up and dumps tons of rain in a short period of time. And since we have no real drainage the streets become mini rivers. I’m not going to go too much into this, as that will be a fun post one day when we have a real bad storm and I can share my fun.

But with Monsoon season comes humidity. So like our sister states in the south, we go from this dry heat to a hot sticky mess. Let me tell you…110 degrees and sticky feels gross.

You are wet, your clothes are stuck to you, and you feel like you are walking into a wall when you go outside. Your glasses fog up and your hair goes crazy.

For the record…Both suck. Dry or humid you don’t win. But as much as I like rain, you can keep the humidity. I’ll take the 115 dry heat over the 105 humid heat any day.

Yep, I’d rather fry to death vs boil to death. 


And for those of you that say you prefer the cold vs heat….I’ll take the humidity first. Yep, cold rates lower than humid on my scale. I can’t stand being cold.. As I wrote once before…I am not an Eskimo ~ no offence to Eskimos — I just hate being cold.

Well, I’m not sure what the purpose of my post was. Other than to say it is HOT!!!   And today it is HOT and MUGGY!!!  Oh, and I hate my clothes being stuck to me like glue like this.

Maybe I should go back to San Diego…it was a nice cool 80 degrees (26 c).. To them they are having a heat wave. To me, it was heaven.

Yep, them cookies are a baking…

Stay cool and…


~~~till we laugh again~~~


Caution…Extreme Heat Makes You Loopy

Ok, I think I have been in the heat too long today. Yes, I think the 116 degrees is making me a little wacky. I’m use to being cooped up in my store where it is at least 80. To make things worse, I was changing door locks in a house with no air. So inside must have been like 142 or something. You know the hot where sweat is dripping down you and you are getting stickier and stinkier by the minute.

Aren’t you glad I’m sharing this salty tasting moment with you?

When I finished, I was ready for a nap. But I’ve discovered in my life that napping while driving is a bad thing to do. Damn other drivers just don’t understand why you are weaving in their lane.

I even stopped at my favorite place in the world….QT (Quick Trip – the best gas station in the world) to get me a tea. OMG, it was good. Problem is, it went from cool to hot in a matter of minutes.

Needless to say, I have only an hour or so to do my daily post. So this is what you get. My sweaty, hot adventure for the day. Tomorrow, I have a new friend to introduce you too. And he is very adventurous. I think you will love him.

As for the locks? That was fun. I was teaching my niece how to change them. She was a quick learner. Yep, that means she made the same silly mistakes I did right after we learned not to put them in upside down. I’m telling you, it’s the heat. It makes you do stupid things even when you know better.

But I was proud of her. Always love having a new person to torture with knowledge.

I’m just rattling now. I’m still hot, brain is still fried and if left alone with the keyboard too long, I might just tell you every waking moment of my day.

Although I did have a great dinner with my family for my nephew’s 15th birthday which is tomorrow. Boy were we all stuffed. I’m pretty sure the Molton Cakes did us all in. So, see, I’m still rattling. I’ll just end with this….



Love ya


Ok, tomorrow I’ll be funnier. My brain cells should be back to normal after some sleep and air conditioning.     😀


~~~till we laugh again~~~

The Heat Makes People Lazy…Beware


It’s no secret that it gets hot here in Arizona. It’s been 105 – 110 for over a week now.

The problem when it finally hits 100 degrees longer than a day or two, is that people’s brains become fried. Tempers get short and the “stupid” comes out.

Stupid and Tempers do not go well together either.

I could go on forever about the stupid things that happen, but I’d rather share them individually throughout the summer.

Today, I had several complaints from customers, employees and even myself today. What are the odds, we all experienced the same special type of “stupid” today?

It’s not secret the heat zaps us of our energy and ability to think. What you might not know, is this lack of energy is so strong that when we get in our vehicles, we lose the ability to turn our head when we back up. Yep, that turning of our head is so strenuous, that to even attempt might cause immediate nap time.

So we just back up, tossing caution to the wind, and letting the dice roll.

Who cares if there is a car coming…my smart car can take down your SUV

Who cares if a kid is walking behind us….stupid kid shouldn’t be in the street anyways

Who cares if the bicyclist is back there….ride on the sidewalk stupid!

Who cares if the lady with the baby stroller is passing….I’m sure she isn’t attached to the munchkin…

Who cares …I’m tired and it is too much work to turn my head to look!  Is it nap time yet??

Who cares?

Who cares?!

I care dang it!!!   



But I will tell ya, the only fun part of this stupidity is when it happens to others. Then it is freaking hilarious….

Just don’t hit the Pink Truck….


~~~till we laugh again~~~



Today Fall Came in Arizona ~ April 23rd

fall I bet it seems odd to think about fall coming when it is 101 degrees at 5pm but today it did.

Many of you probably experience the changing of the leaves and the joy of raking them up. Here in Arizona, plants, bushes and trees have learned to survive without water so we usually don’t deal with this fun chore often delegated to the munchkins (children) in your life since we really have no leaves on most of our trees.

However today, Fall came. Yep, Fall arrived on April 23rd.

We have a tree called a Paloverde tree whose small leaves turn bright yellow in the spring. And I guess the past couple of days of 100+ degrees was just too much for them to handle. Today they decided to make a break from it and spread their yellow love across parking lots every where.


Fall in April


These little yellow suckers are all over the pavement, cars, islands, you name it, of the shopping center. A sea of yellow every where.

Only we don’t have to rake them.

Nope, the breeze just carries them away over the next few days. I’m thinking New Mexico will be yellow by next Tuesday when they all arrive there.

Today, this sight put a smile on my face and I hope it gives you a small one as well as I bring you the Arizona version of Fall in 101 degrees.


~~~till we laugh again~~~