What Color Have You Dyed Your Hair?

Would You Dye Your Hair Pink?

How About Purple? 

How about both? 

Pink Purple Hair

Not me. I’m not that brave or silly.

This is my sister the artist. She figured what better way to get inspiration?

She did this around Halloween so as a good sister I gave her my witch hat.

Is it me or did this turn out to be an awesome combo?!

Purple hair witch

My Sis the Witch

Then around Christmas when I realized the pink/purple was staying around for a bit,

I was at our local Walgreen’s and found the PERFECT gift for her.

I saw it and just knew the two of them were meant to be pals

Pink Hair and the Unicorn

My Sis & Her Unicorn

Aren’t they a cute pair? Besties forever

or as the kids say: BFF


So, what odd? different? Inspirational color have you gone with?

Not just the spray and wash out type either.

I want to know a color you Really, Really Committed to like my sister the artist?

~~ till we laugh again~~

Sunday Funnies ~ Edition 19


Sunday Funnies!!

Yep, that time of the week where I share some of the funny things I found on Facebook or Google



Yep, been that kind of a week.  LOL


Please don’t go anywhere, I’ll squeeze you in shortly


You were robbed!


It’s faster if you open it first


Sorry, this one just cracked me up!


I love these trucks..so creative


Another one that had me rolling!


And some of you are way more experienced than I


This explains what happened!


This is he #1 reason I never get to take a nap!


Don’t worry, we already know who you are



You are in luck, the Moran bus is about to take off


Have a great Sunday Everyone!!!


~~~till we laugh again~~~


What The F*** Facts

I’m not sure how many of you have a Facebook account but there is one page that I subscribe to that I love. Each day I get facts that either make me laugh, smile or scratch my head.  I wish their name was a little less graphic at times but it probably is better that way so I’m not always forwarding on their stuff.  LOL.

Their Facebook page is What The F Facts Facebook & their website is What the F*** Facts.

I thought for today I would share some of the cool things from their Facebook posts that I laughed at or found interesting. Give you a little taste if you will.


More than 98% of people have started laughing even harder when they tried to explain why they were laughing.

(I’d tell ya why I’m laughing but…..baahhhhaa  loolllllloollllll)


The teen pregnancy rate is actually lower now than it was in the 1970’s

(oh, I’m sure it is from abstinence…… NOT…lol)


From a survey of 54,000 people, researchers discovered that cancer patients with a sense of humor were 70% more likely to survive.

(I personally believe laughter helps heal most things)


Scratching your ankle feels as good as sex. Scientists have discovered that ankle is the most satisfying spot to scratch.



Cherophobia describes a person who is afraid of being happy because whenever they get too happy, something bad happens.

(How sad…. Just be happy!!)  LOL   .. oh darn, the dog threw up on your carpet now…


At least 5 people have been murdered for unfriending someone via Facebook.

(I promise I will never unfriend ya now)


80% of United States deaths happen in hospitals.

(Note to self, never, ever, ever go in a hospital)


Famous conservationist, Steve Irwin, wants to be fed to his favorite crocodile, Bindi, after his death according to his last will.

(ok my Aussie friends, is this actually true?)


Every British queen named Jane has either been murdered, imprisoned, gone mad, died young, or been dethroned.

(If I was born and named Jane I’d be the next in line at the office to change my name)


When a Mother Penguin loses her chick, she’ll often try to steal from other female penguins living in the vicinity.

(I wonder how many mom’s which they could trade their brat)


The flavors of the foods a pregnant woman eats end up in the amniotic fluid — The baby might crave these tastes later in life.

(One of my friend’s mom ate those little black tire stubbies that stick out on a new tire….Hmmm — boy am I glad my mom craved radishes with me)


In one week, the average person will learn more from Google than 4 years of high school.

(That my friends, is why Google is my best friend)


Well, I hope you liked some of them, if you did check them out. The links are still above. I think you will like it. I couldn’t do them justice here, but I enjoy them.



Ohhhh, So, how many of you scratched your ankle?  LOLLLLL


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Wanna Laugh? Eat Popsicles!

Nothing beats a good Popsicle…

Unless it’s a Popsicle with a joke on the stick!


So we have been enjoying some Banana Popsicle and laughing at some of the lame jokes they put on the suckers.

You never know if you are going to get a dude or a hilarious one.

I’ll let you be the judge.

Here are the 1st Five Jokes…




Here are the next four….



Now, if you laughed at any of those, then make sure you aren’t drinking any soda on the last one.

It is by far the funniest of the bunch!



Wait for it….



OMG, I laughed so hard!


So next time you are needing a good laugh, just head to the store and buy some Popsicles.

You get some yummy ice cream and a laugh to boot!

Oh!! How could I forget!  

When you are done eating those 4 Popsicles a night and notice you have about 100 Popsicle sticks on your table…

The best part is….

You get to make House!   😀


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Still Laughing in the Hospital…

So, yesterday I began my fun journey at the hospital with my sister —>> Is it ok to laugh at people in the emergency room?

When we last left, she was moved into her semi private room. Semi meaning not private at all. I suppose that little curtain is supposed to give the illusion that you are in a private space but the reality is, you can hear your roommate moan, talk, watch TV or talk to the hospital staff. But hey, this isn’t a hotel, so we all must stop whining about this.   😀

Now, I know you are wondering if she had a good roommate or not. Good being loosely defined. After all, a “good” roommate could be someone who never speaks and you forget they are there, or they are “good” because they provide you hours of entertainment during your stay. My sister’s roommate was one that didn’t stay  long, but did provide plenty to laugh at. Sort off. Because in the end, I think if we think about it too much, it was sad really. 

At first I was sad when I saw her roommate. An elderly woman who had lost her leg at some point and was using one of those pole artificial legs. While quiet at night, the next morning we saw a whole other side. Our new roommate was a talker. To anyone that would listen. She often held the nurses “hostage”. Turns out she was addicted to pain killers and had been through withdrawal several times. She was about to be sent home from the hospital and there was a round robin of folks coming in to speak to her.

The funny thing is, they never got to leave. Nurses, Doctors, Social Workers, the Chaplin, her husband, you name it. I could see them standing there while she explained that she didn’t feel she had a problem and on and on about her life. For 4 hours I don’t think any of them said a word. Well, unless Hmm, uh huh, and I understand count.

Once she finally left, the silence was deafening. The relief on the ears was amazing. One of the nurses came in and tried her hardest not to say how she felt “safe” to enter without  fear of being trapped. So we just said it for her.  LOL

As for my sister, they ran on her some tests and then the waiting game began. They lead you to believe you will be going home as soon as the doctor reviews the results. However, then the woman comes in to take your order for your breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day. No matter how much you protest and say you will not be there, you MUST commit to a turkey sandwich and soup. Oh, and don’t forget the jello option. Jello just tastes better in a hospital. 

The hours begin to tick away and the afternoon grows older. You begin to wonder if they plan on keeping you captive for another night and for some reason no one seems to have a clue as to what is going on. So you all just hang out and wonder. Butts become sore from the wonderful seating arrangements. My sister dozing on and off from the pain meds.

This alone was funny. She would fall asleep in that hospital kind of way (where the mandatory mouth open, drool falling kind of way). Then every 20 minutes she would jerk up and yell at my nephew and I to go for a walk and stretch our legs. To which we both would say we would and off she would go again to snooze. Then I’d go back to my ipad and he to his itouch.

Soon I realized that we would never leave if we didn’t ask. What I always find amazing when this happens is it always seems to go the same way….

Me to Nurse:  Do you know if the doctor has signed off on the test and she can leave?

Nurse to me: The Doctor’s are very busy and he probable hasn’t had a chance to review it.

Me to Nurse: Do you think by chance you can see when the doctor might be taking a look?

Nurse to Me: It probably will not be for a few more hours, like I said they are kind of busy.

Me to Nurse: I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind asking.

Nurse leaves, semi-ticked off I bothered to question what she asked me.


Nurse returns in 10 minutes later and begrudgingly… Nurse to My Sister: Looks like you get to go home now.

Me to myself: Glad I freaking asked or she would have been eating that Turkey Sandwich the next day as the doctor would have gone home for the night since no one followed up for him. 

Five more minutes pass and the doctor comes into the room to tell my sister she has a “Happy Heart”. Isn’t that nice. I loved this guy. He was awesome. Plus I got to tell the rest of my family that she had a “Happy Heart”. The rest of her wasn’t happy. The rest of her hurt or didn’t work. But dang it, her Heart Was Happy!  😀

For the record, I LOVED all the nurses we had. There was only one that seemed to have an attitude any time she came in the room for anything. And you guessed it, this is the one from the above conversation.  Funny thing is, she wasn’t even my sister’s nurse. Yep, she didn’t even rank enough for the board in the room of who is who. I wonder if it was to protect everyone involved.   LOL

I’m glad to say we blew that Popsicle stand in less than an hour. And my sister has been doing great with her Happy Heart. If she was a penguin she could have Happy Feet and a Happy Heart.   😀

But the real fun was the two nights I spent at her house with her dog and the thunderstorms. In our final piece of the saga, I’ll share that fun.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, and my internet is back on!! Yipee!  It is still slow as molasses as we have terrible service in the middle of no where, but it my terrible service and it is working.   😀

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Pet Therapy

Every once in a while I get some cool stuff emailed to me by my fellow blog readers for things they think you folks will like. Today’s post is from Devina over at Hot Chocolate & Books. I think you will find one or two that will make you smile…  Here is some Pet Therapy…


Pet Therapy Starts now…




Fluff n Fluffy

Outta shape

Soft, warm and snuggly


Quiet Time

Cuddles n Cuddy


oooooh… daz big!

How tiny!!!





They were all so cute.

I hope you found one to give you a smile or chuckle for your day!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Sunday Funnies ~ Edition 16

Sunday Time! Yep, that time of the week I share the funny things I found via Google or Facebook


I’m pretty sure my mom & Cindy T would agree with this one! 


And each day getting stronger!  😀


I sneeze a lot. I’m sure those around me always think this. I notice how much more sarcastic the 3rd bless you sounds.  LOL


Even more fun is to point at them and laugh


I want this sign for my office


This alone will have the guys clicking the “like” button


Nahhh, not at all


It’s wrong, but this one made me laugh


I hate when a snail knocks me over


And it stung too!


Chickens are 100% behind us laughing each day


Cracks me up!


And PROUD of IT!!


Have an awesome Sunday everyone!!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

What Made You Laugh Today?

We all need a laugh each day.

You had one. I promise you did.

Do you remember what it was? 


Maybe it was a joke: 

What did the digital clock say to its mother?

Look ma, no hands.


Maybe it was a picture: 


Maybe it was when someone ran into the Sliding door:


Maybe it was your best friend:


Or maybe it was a blog you read.

(shameless plug)


 So, tell us

What Make You Laugh Today?

Share with everyone

We promise not to laugh!


~~~till we laugh again~~~