How I Choose To Remember Whitney Houston

As you probably have heard by now, Whitney Houston has passed. While we don’t know why, one can’t help but wonder if years of drug use has taken it’s toll…or claimed her life.

Whitney was only a little older than myself and I was a huge fan, especially during her early years of success. My friends and I would drive around thumping out her music. I had all her CDs (or tapes depending on the time). She easily had the best voice around. This is before the other powerhouse women came out. (Celine, Mariah, etc) The original was Whitney.

I got so much joy from driving down the road, blasting out her music, pretending to sing as well as she did. God only knows I wasn’t even close, but in the confines of my vehicle, I was.

It is a shame that many people will remember her for the last 15 years of her drug use and falling from the premier singer she was. For years, I have said it is such a waste of talent and I felt the sadness of missing her powerful voice.Praying she would make a comeback. But alas the damage was done to her vocal cords.

But as I sit here writing this, still not knowing what details that might come out, I promise one thing. I will remember Whitney for the awesome singer she was. I will turn my itouch on later and listen to her greatest hits and remember the smiles, the laughter, the fun I always had listening to her music. This will be how I choose to remember Whitney.

Whitney – “We Will Always Love You”

~~till we laugh again~~~