Happy Easter! Bonus Post – Aren’t You Eggs-cited?

Happy Easter Everyone!


Yep, a bonus post today. Why? Because I LOVE Easter Bunnies!

They are so cute. Unlike their real counter parts.

Same thing with eggs. Easter Eggs are so cute on the outside and disgusting on the inside.

Now, here is an example of  cute Easter Rabbits. Doesn’t they make your heart sink with love and ahhhh?  Unless you are dead inside (and yes I know who that might be) you loved the picture also. These pictures just make you want to hug a bunny.

Here is where the problem lies.

Bunnies = Cute & Cuddly

Rabbits = Mean, vicious, eat your cords, plants, etc.

My sister gave me a bunny one year a long time ago. It was so cute and cuddly and fun to pet. However, when it got out it would eat every cable or cord we had. Not so cute now. See, cute to pain in the ass in 60 seconds. (Kind of like some of your spouses – LOL)


Then, you take Easter Eggs. I remember as a kid loving to dye them and make them into colorful objects. My problem usually was I’m not that creative so my sisters made more sophisticated ones.

Then Easter would come and the time came to eat the suckers. I never ate them. Hard boiled eggs are soooooo grossss. That disgusting yellow/green center. Makes me want to puke just thinking about it.

But, today, I’ll just think about the cute side of both.


Well, I just felt the need to share this little tid bit of information with you, so you get a bonus post today. After all, tomorrow everyone will be moving on to the next holiday.

Yep, Earth Day.

Bet none of you knew that was next. And some of you are going Earth Day???

Ok, I best get some work done, “see” ya tomorrow!

Sunday ~~ aka “Crap, I gotta go back to work tomorrow!”

Well, we made it to Sunday in our look at each day of the week. Sunday has a love / hate feel to it for most. (For now, we will pretend today isn’t Easter)

For some of you, it is a day of worship, for some of you it is a day of all the chores you refused to do yesterday, and for some of you, you will gripe all day that you have to go back to work tomorrow. A lucky few of you, will go to church, come home, do your chores, and gripe all day about going back to work tomorrow.  LOL

Then again, some of you will sleep all day. Sure you might get out of bed to pee and maybe raid the pantry, but for the most part, it’s sports all day in your pajamas. NASCAR, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, Soccer you name it. But for the most part, Sunday’s tend to be the laziest day of the week.

Let’s see what facts we can drum up from our Google search…

  • Extreme Couponers live for Sundays.. The Sunday newspaper is huge today as it is filled with everything under the sun. Including comics and those coveted coupons (Admit it, at least one of you jumped up and down when you get yours – probably even stole a neighbor or twos)
  • Most radio stations play their top 10, top 25, etc countdowns (Is Casey Kassem even alive anymore? Or did Ryan Seacrest just shove him in a closet?)
  • Businesses tend to close earlier (which creates issues that everyone is off and no one is open – kind of ironic if you ask me)
  • Most sports games are almost always during the day on Sundays (hence why no one wants to get off the couch)
  • No century starts on a Sunday  & the Jewish New Year never falls on a Sunday (Had to toss in some facts you could use to wow your friends with)

Well, it’s been an interesting trip down the facts of the week. Here is what I personally learned…

  • Never do it again. Sure it was nice having a theme, but I locked myself in and had some other cool stuff I had to push off. Besides, what idiot picks Easter week to do this? Oh yea, me.  LOL
  • The day’s of the week are pretty important as they have been around for YEARS yet have very little facts about them. Or no one really cared enough to capture their highlights.  Some days were like pulling teeth (yes Wednesday & Thursday, I’m talking to you!)

So I will bring this to a close. If you missed any of the other days and are curious as to what I found and what smart ass comments I added here you go…

Thanks for hanging in there, and now I will return you all to our normal daily insights into finding laughter in our lives…

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Hot Diggity Dog its Saturday!

Excitement in the air, people are going crazy. It’s Saturday!!  Even better it’s a holiday Saturday.  But for our purposes, we are just going to take a look at what we can find on everyone’s favorite day of the week. Yep, 99.99%  of the people LOVE  Saturday. Ok, I made that one up too. But it sure is a heck of a lot of people.

Saturday is a time to catch up on the things you wish you could have done through the week…

  • Nap
  • Be lazy
  • Watch TV
  • Read other people’s blogs because you are so far behind and feel guilty that they read yours already
  • Nap some more cuz all the reading made you tired

You know, all the stuff you really don’t have time for even on a Saturday. Why? Because this is the crap you are suppose to be doing today…

  • Clean the gutters
  • Change the air filters
  • Wash the dog
  • Fix the big hole in the roof before it rains
  • Read other people’s blogs because you are so far behind and feel guilty that they read yours already
  • The rest of your Honey Do List…

But we all know that neither list will happen. (Unless you have a massive hangover then some of you might being napping and moaning all day).

But whatever you have on tap for the day, here are some trivia facts about Saturday for you to wow your friends with. Or at least have them look at you funny.

What Google Surfing taught us today…

  • Saturday was named after the planet Saturn. (We all could have guess that one)
  • In folklore – Saturday was the preferred day to hunt vampires. First because they were restricted to their coffins and also it was believed in the Balkans that anyone born on a Saturday could see a vampire when it was otherwise invisible and that such people were particularly apt to become vampire hunters. (wooden stake – check, garlic – check……)
  • Hand GunsThe amount of criminal activities that take place on Saturday nights has led to the expression ‘Saturday Night Special’, a slang term used in the United States and Canada for any inexpensive handgun. (dang and I thought the Saturday Night Special is what Denny’s was running…)
  • In Nepal Saturday is last day of the week and is the only official weekly holiday. (yep, only a weekday, no weekend to blow one day and make up for it the next like most of us do)
  • Saturday is the official day of rest in Israel, on which all government offices and most businesses, including some public transportation, are closed.
  • Saturday is the usual day for elections in Australia and the only day in New Zealand on which elections can be held, and also the preferred election day in the state of Louisiana. (Who would have thought Louisiana and Australia would have ANYTHING in common?)
  • Saturday morning is a notable television time block aimed at children while airing generally animated cartoons (Mainly to occupy kids so mommy and daddy could sleep in longer from having drunk to much tequila the night before with the neighbors)
  • The most famous, long running comedy is on Saturday night – Saturday Night Live, a skit show that has aired on NBC nearly every week since 1975. (For the math challenged that’s 37 years – holy moly!)
  • Finally, In Sweden, Saturday is usually the only day of the week when children are allowed to eat sweets (I bet some dentist is behind this silly law)

Well, no matter how you plan to spend your Saturday today….I’m pretty sure someone else has other stuff they want you to do….

Check in tomorrow for the conclusion of our Days of the Week…..

And if I don’t see ya, it better be because you are celebrating Easter and have been taken hostage by the bunny or lost still trying to find hidden Easter eggs or something. Then I’ll forgive you… but you best come back Monday   😀

~~~till we laugh again~~~