Duck tape and wd40

Duct Tape vs WD40

Solve Any Problem with Duct Tape or WD40


Every single person in the world should learn at a young age that most of life’s broken items can be fixed using either Duct Tape or WD40.

Every single home should have these two items in their junk drawer.  Don’t you agree?

Duct tape and wd40

Sunday Funnies ~ Edition 18

Sunday Funnies Time!!

Everyone’s favorite post when I show some of the funny things I found on Facebook and Google this week

Hope you like them!

It all makes sense now!

You never know where inspiration comes from


Being the Queen of Stick Figures, I LOVE this!


My mom always hid her Nestle’s Quick

And we always knew where it was…LOL


Damn! I hate when it doesn’t stick right!


Go with the Blue, It matches your eyes


Always one in the crowd


Yep, it’s how I keep my sanity


Hey, we all have to be remembered for something



Yes, it takes all the fun out of it for me…Sigh


Ain’t that the truth!  LOL


I can hear it now..

“Hey, look someone’s walking Naked down the street!”


This one is for my sister who thinks I’m Crazy

I’m just misunderstood! 



Have a great Sunday everyone!


~~~till we laugh again ~~~


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I Can’t Imagine Why Your Kid is a Brat

First off, let me go on record before any haters come out, I’m extremely against child abuse. Those that do should be punished not just by being locked up, but getting the shit beat out of them in return so they know how it feels.

But with that said, there is a difference between beating your child and holding them accountable for their actions. Lessons are not learned sitting in a corner for 5 minutes or taking away their cell phone (oh horrors of all horrors)

Yes, many kids turn out awesome with very little discipline.  Great parents? Possibly. Great genes? Maybe. Lucky? Definitely.

However, I’m noticing more and more how kids are allowed to run around destroying things with no accountability.  They are allowed to talk back with barely a peep in return. The mouth’s on some of them is amazing. Hard to believe some of them are only 9 or 10 years old.

How parents are shocked when these same kids become really obnoxious, hate spewing, smart ass brat teenagers is amazing to me. When all these parents need to do is only look at how they held (or didn’t hold) this teenager accountable long before they turned 13.

So it got me thinking, what other fun things could we do to these future smart ass hoodlums.

Bet they will not sprinkle the sugar on the carpet again

Even better, Tabasco sauce for the smart ass mouth

(ok, maybe that is extreme, how about make them do that spoon of cinnamon test?)

Yes, you will listen to this story for the 8,000 time. Until you learn to stop rolling your eyes

Yep, the dreaded grounded with a new twist

(don’t worry, straws for breathing can be included)

Yes, a special jail cell you can drop your kid off at the police station when you catch them stealing a cookie.

As you know, stealing a cookie today means  stealing your car at 16


Oh the stories I could tell from just watching kids and their parents in my store for the past 4 years. Never mind what I have seen in public.  There has to be a solution we can agree on.

Maybe it isn’t whupping their butts, but some how we need to find a way to raise kids that respect not only their parents more, but also have and show respect to others. Bullying is out of control, damage to other people’s property is out of control and this sense of entitlement is crazy.

 Then again, maybe an a$$ whupping is what some of these little monsters need. 


Don’t even get me going on how this younger generation is impacting the workplace. Especially once they begin to get held accountable for their actions.


Let’s have some fun

(If no kid gets harmed during our dream punishments)

What would yours be?


~~~till we laugh again~~~