No Internet for a Week ~~ Whahhhhhh


The internet god’s have determined that I should not have internet at home. sniffle sniffle….

I’m so sad….

It started running slow, then it went out once in a while and now it is kaput…

What is amazing though? When I called the provider my internet popped back on.

Then right as we were hanging up, it went out again.

They have to come out and check the line. They can’t do till Friday.

They suck.

Good thing I will not be home that much this week.

Or I’d be in a ball crying most of the night.

After all, what is life without our internet?

So if I’m a little slow getting back to you on your well appreciated comments then please know it isn’t my fault.

Blame the internet gods.

They had other plans for me this week.


~~~till we laugh again~~~