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I Wonder #2 – What Animals See

Guess it’s time for another “I wonder, thought/question!

This one may not make sense to those of you who do not have and or love animals.  But I do, so here goes….

i wonderWhere we live there are quite a few cow farms, but this particular one has cows/bulls with a big hump on their backs.  I think they are called Brahman, I’m not positive but I think so.

There is a long fenced three sided walk way that these cows walk around, coming to the end is a tree. I have never driven by when there isn’t 6 to 10 cows standing in a circle around this tree.

A month or so ago as we were driving by I noticed that all the cows or bulls where white, except one who was brown.  This must have stayed with me in the back of my mind…  We have five dogs, four different breeds, and sizes.  I have always had animals, but with working and raising kids I have never gotten as close to them as I have these five.  Partly I believe is because I’m here with them 24/7 and you really see them in every situation.

A few days later I’m looking at my dogs who are just being dogs, when the vision of the cows comes to mind and then I wondered???

I have been told several times that animals can’t tell colors, but….. I start to wonder what do they see?   (I’m sure all the racial problems recently are probably in the back of my head about now).  I wonder if they can see at least shades of dark and light?  Then I wonder if the see any differences, any kind of animal, and if they react to it like us crazy humans do?

What do you think, know, or wonder?  Have you ever seen an animal react differently to another of the same species or of color?  Do you think animals have any preferences or prejudice’s?


Faye (Tammy’s Mom) 🙂 …


~~~till we laugh again~~~



Mommy, is that a baby tornado? I don’t see a cow…

Mommy, is that a baby tornado? I don’t see a cow…  

Yes, the vision of a tornado and picking up a cow has been stuck in many a head since that movie Twister. As I suppose the Wizard of Oz got it stuck in people’s heads that a house would be caught in one spinning around.

Here in Arizona we don’t really get tornadoes. Thank god as the thought of hiding out in my cellar for hours on end and listening to sirens all night doesn’t sound fun at all. Never mind that whole destruction aspect of them.

No, we get what is called Dust or Dirt Devils. Little mini funnels of dirt picked up in the desert and spinning around. Occasionally they combine with the wind and create a big Haboob which is basically a mile or so long wall of sand, dirt, etc that you can’t see or drive in. Here is a picture from the big one Phoenix had awhile back. It was like 5 miles wide.


But as baby dirt devils in desert, they can be cute. On the way out of my little town you pass a bunch of them this time of year. I took a couple of pictures to share with you.




Kind of neat huh? Kind of like the sky is sucking up the dirt. I wish they were closer to see. They really are neat.

And every time I pass them, I’m still waiting to see if they picked up one of the cows out here.

So far no luck….

For me that is, the cows have been pretty lucky about it I guess…


~~~till we laugh again~~~