So Many Proud Non~Normals


I saw this yesterday and immediately thought of the folks in the Non~Normal & Proud of it Club.


If I didn’t know any better one of us created it!




When I started this club, it was to celebrate each of our uniqueness. What is interesting is, I never realized how many people embraced this side of themselves.

I love how many of you encourage your kids to love how “strange” & “different” they can be. I really do think this is awesome. Our children need to realize that the reality is, there is no real normal. That it is ok to be different from your friends.

Lets face it…

Life would be so much better if everyone had learned this lesson early in life.


Ok, you weird, deranged, freaky and psychotic folks…..I hope you liked the picture….

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Sunday Funnies 3rd Edition

Yahoo, everyone’s favorite lazy day! Even for us non~normal folks. 

And since our theme has been about being unique and ourselves, why not dedicate our funnies to the theme?

First a few sayings that fit our thoughts:

Now on the one above, I wonder how many get it?   😉

I so want this necklace

It would go nice with this shirt

No kidding, especially when trying to go undetected

My kind of pup! I want him!

LOL, this one just makes me smile

How us “non normal” folks look to the poor “normal” folks


So as we bring our week of embracing our “non normalness” to a close…

Thank you for sharing with the world, how proud you are of Not Being Normal!  😀

Check out this post I did last year called Y B Normal?  

I think most of you can relate


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Ok, Just a Few Quickies for You

Not going to lie. Today will be a quickie.

I can’t break my post a day and I’ve been too busy working on setting up my laptop so I can get life back to normal in the next day hopefully.

So for tonight, you get a few of quickies. These were some recent items my fellow Facebook folks had posted and I thought were cute and wanted to share…..

Proud not to be Normal!

See, here is proof

Some of you belong in my club more than others! Just saying…


Ok, off to keep working on my laptop. ….

Hope you like being in my “club”

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Would You Eat These?

Since I’m on a theme of cakes this week. I thought I’d visit my friend Google to find a few interesting cakes people have made. While tolling I found some that were interesting, some were way cool, and some were just plain sick.

I’m about to start another long day, I thought I’d give you a few that jumped out and were begging for some sarcasm.   😀


The Ultimate Ice Cream Cake

If I would have got this as a kid, my head would have exploded! Yummm

I’m pretty sure this we all know how this marriage will end

Mom, can you fix my shirt while you eat?

I don’t want to eat it as a cake either! Ick

Now this one is just plain sick.. LOL

Used Cigarette Butts, just makes you want to dive in!

Ok, this is cute, but honestly, how cannibalistic would you feel eating it?


Ok, finished my conference call, now off to the shower, then off to make more cakes….. I’ll check in here and there….Have a great day everyone!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Are You Taking the Challenge? These Might Help

So earlier today I challenged all my readers to make some laugh today

—->   The Laughter Challenge.  


Sounds like many, if not most of you were up for the challenge. We are almost half way through the 24 hour period so if you haven’t done it yet…..There is still plenty of time!

The baby pictures on that post were a hit, so I thought I’d add a few more here to help amp you up for the challenge. However if you don’t like babies, maybe not so much.  But keep reading anyways since i know you will like something.

So, let’s get to laughing! (I’ll settle for smiling too)   😀

Rut Ro.. I think I found something in my diaper

Dude! I so can smell it!

Oh, is that what that was??

Yea dude, I thought something was ripe

I’m not quite sure why all of you are laughing

Ok everyone, let’s go laugh!

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Did I Just See What I Thought I Saw?

So yesterday I was reading a blog by CustomTripPlanning in which she shared several of the unique road signs they had encountered on their trip. I was cracking up on several of them. (Check out the link).

But it got me thinking about a sign we had in California right before the boarder patrol stop. It showed people running across the highway. Those seeing it for the first time often would wonder why on earth would they put that up. But many times I had witnessed myself, people abandoning their car about a mile prior to the stop and running across the highway.

Then, I started thinking even more (scary huh?). What other weird ones might be out there. So I went to my friend Google and found some for your enjoyment. I hope they give you a laugh as well.

I’m Assuming Big Foot works in the area

My money is on the bull / buffalo

I’m assuming this is the pot Jack’s Beanstalk was planted in when it was replanted

Cool, you can ride a rainbow up ahead

Umbrella? Guess the guy never heard of a broom

Now this is the one she had on her site as well.

Now you gentlemen know where to go for your “fun”

Don’t worry ladies, we have a spot for you too!

And this spot is for both of you

Yea, last thing I want is for my cockroaches to get sick

Hmm, call me crazy, but I’m not going anywhere with this guy!

Mmm, are they going to visit or move in?

Aww, how nice, they give you a warning

Just in case the first sign didn’t work

Hmm, wonder if this is what happens to the  people that run across I-5?

Hope you got as much fun out of those as I did…. Thanks again to CustomTripPlanning for today’s inspiration.

~~~till we laugh again~~~

The Picture Says it All

Today you get a break from my crazy ramblings. (Otherwise known as I have a crazy day going and it shall not end soon). Therefore you get a short and to the point post today.

The following picture was shared on my Facebook page and I loved it so much I made it my Laptop background on both my laptops. Hope you enjoy it as well. (Sorry Facebook friends, you get this twice – yes, I love it that much)   😀



~~~till we laugh again~~~

What Would Your Mailbox Be?

So it’s been a long day and my brain is fried. So as funny as I tried to think on my drive home, nothing. Nada, Ziltch.

Then, for some odd reason the word mailbox came to mind. So with mailboxes as my inspiration, I thought I’d surf the web and find some unique and interesting ones to share and hope one of them brings a smile to your face. I know they did mine.

I needed this one when I worked at Home Depot

You might be a redneck if your microwave doubles as your mailbox

Now this is a lobster lover

I’m pretty sure no one will be stealing their mail

I’m pretty sure my arm would only last 3 1/2 minutes

Makes you laugh and freaks you out at the same time

I hate when aliens still my cows

Can you image the first time the mailman had to stick his hand in here?

Further proof of our butt crack epidemic

Hope you had a great weekend everyone!

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Pictures that Make You Smile

Ok, today was a long day and I only have a 1/2 hour to get my smile / laugh in. So, for today’s post, I found some cute pictures and added my own captions. I know one is guaranteed to make you laugh!

Thanks for the Lift!

Charlie found the purrr-fect hiding place

I’m just big boned

What happens after drinking a 12 pack every night

Who’s Your Daddy?

& My last one is dedicated to Karla who’s birthday is tomorrow and she will turn 18

Have fun you Party Animal!

~~~till we laugh again~~~