Did You Miss Me?

I know you did. What’s not to miss?

Then again, you didn’t even know I was gone until I told you. ¬† ūüėÄ


So, I have just spent the past few days moving my sister from California to Arizona. It is always good to move someone from 75 degrees to 115 degrees. Makes them really warm up to the place. ¬†(dang I crack myself up with that pun —think about it, you’ll get it).

I could probably have days of material to write about to make you laugh your ass off for weeks, yet I realize I have to live and if I pick on my sister I’ll get killed and I’ve grown attached to breathing.

However, without giving away too much, let me just say that if I never see another one of these in my life, I would totally be ok with it!

Let’s just say that I if anyone invested in Rubbermaid in the past few months, my sister has personally done her best to increase the value of your stock.

There is a reason they say one of ¬†the top stressful things you can do is move. Especially after living in the same house for 20 years. I’m thinking it is just as stressful on the person helping you move the 20 years of totes. I’m just saying.

The fun part was driving the big 26 foot truck through the mountains and desert. Especially when your 15 year 11 month old permit carrying, wanna be driving nephew is following you. (with his mother of course ). I’m so proud of him. Not only did he let us abuse his 6ft strong self for moving (you got it ~ totes) but he got some great experience driving.

He got to deal with slow-moving trucks (including me at times) on mountains to those whizzing by with empty loads. He got to realize driving 7 hours straight is way over rated no matter how excited you are to drive.

Not our storm but darn close looking

The day prior to leaving I was telling him that when he takes his Arizona test, one question not found in California’s is what to do when you find yourself caught in a dust storm. I explained to him, when it is bad, you pull aside and let it pass. Well, wouldn’t you know it, as we made our way into Arizona, I look up and see two¬†separate storms. One on each side of the freeway. As he drives behind me, I think…”I bet you these two combine.” JINX! Yep, in a matter of minutes, the two collide and become this big storm now heading our way quickly. (just like the picture).

He is behind my truck and all I can think of is, dang, I told him what to do yesterday so I better set the best example. So I pull aside and start a chain reaction of other trucks and cars. Yep, another fun experience he can cross off his list and be prepared for the next time. Which during this time of year, is probably once a week.

Well, I suppose I should go patrol some of your blogs and start to catch up. I feel so behind after the past 4 days. What if something big happened in the WordPress Blogging world and I missed it? Sniffle Sniffle.  What if you all abandoned me like I abandoned you? What if I created the largest game of hide n seek? Oh no!

Just do me a favor….Don’t hide in a tote.


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Did I Just See What I Thought I Saw?

So yesterday I was reading a blog by CustomTripPlanning in which she shared several of the unique road signs they had encountered on their trip. I was cracking up on several of them. (Check out the link).

But it got me thinking about a sign we had in California right before the boarder patrol stop. It showed people running across the highway. Those seeing it for the first time often would wonder why on earth would they put that up. But many times I had witnessed myself, people abandoning their car about a mile prior to the stop and running across the highway.

Then, I started thinking even more (scary huh?). What other weird ones might be out there. So I went to my friend Google and found some for your enjoyment. I hope they give you a laugh as well.

I’m Assuming Big Foot works in the area

My money is on the bull / buffalo

I’m assuming this is the pot Jack’s Beanstalk was planted in when it was replanted

Cool, you can ride a rainbow up ahead

Umbrella? Guess the guy never heard of a broom

Now this is the one she had on her site as well.

Now you gentlemen know where to go for your “fun”

Don’t worry ladies, we have a spot for you too!

And this spot is for both of you

Yea, last thing I want is for my cockroaches to get sick

Hmm, call me crazy, but I’m not going anywhere with this guy!

Mmm, are they going to visit or move in?

Aww, how nice, they give you a warning

Just in case the first sign didn’t work

Hmm, wonder if this is what happens to the  people that run across I-5?

Hope you got as much fun out of those as I did…. Thanks again to CustomTripPlanning for today’s inspiration.

~~~till we laugh again~~~