Brain Freeze or Back Freeze?

I Get a Back Freeze – How About You?

We have all done it. And we have all had it happen to us. In our excitement to suck down our Slurpee we forget for one moment that torturous result of not paying attention to our slurping technique. Then it hits you. Yep… The Brain Freeze.

If you are like most people, you get a boring Brain Freeze. Otherwise known in my circle  – A Headache.  🙂

Maybe it’s because I’m a lefty or maybe it’s because I’m just odd. And as you know, I’m ok with my oddness as it makes me unique. You see, me and my fellow oddballs never get brain freezes. We get something way worse. We get Back Freezes.

And what does a back freeze feel like? Glad you asked. It feels just like someone is stabbing you through your back with a knife. Then as they laugh at your pain, they twist that knife just to add extra pain.

When it hits, it makes you stand up straight, push your shoulders back and stick your chest out. (And no, the ladies are not making you guys an offer to check out their boobies)

But like you “normal boring people” the pain does subside in a minute or two and we all just go back to sucking down that Slurpee. Just like nothing happened.

Do you know other back freeze oddballs? Don’t hate. Trust me, we wish we got a Brain Headache like you.


~~~till we laugh again~~~