Happy Easter! Bonus Post – Aren’t You Eggs-cited?

Happy Easter Everyone!


Yep, a bonus post today. Why? Because I LOVE Easter Bunnies!

They are so cute. Unlike their real counter parts.

Same thing with eggs. Easter Eggs are so cute on the outside and disgusting on the inside.

Now, here is an example of  cute Easter Rabbits. Doesn’t they make your heart sink with love and ahhhh?  Unless you are dead inside (and yes I know who that might be) you loved the picture also. These pictures just make you want to hug a bunny.

Here is where the problem lies.

Bunnies = Cute & Cuddly

Rabbits = Mean, vicious, eat your cords, plants, etc.

My sister gave me a bunny one year a long time ago. It was so cute and cuddly and fun to pet. However, when it got out it would eat every cable or cord we had. Not so cute now. See, cute to pain in the ass in 60 seconds. (Kind of like some of your spouses – LOL)


Then, you take Easter Eggs. I remember as a kid loving to dye them and make them into colorful objects. My problem usually was I’m not that creative so my sisters made more sophisticated ones.

Then Easter would come and the time came to eat the suckers. I never ate them. Hard boiled eggs are soooooo grossss. That disgusting yellow/green center. Makes me want to puke just thinking about it.

But, today, I’ll just think about the cute side of both.


Well, I just felt the need to share this little tid bit of information with you, so you get a bonus post today. After all, tomorrow everyone will be moving on to the next holiday.

Yep, Earth Day.

Bet none of you knew that was next. And some of you are going Earth Day???

Ok, I best get some work done, “see” ya tomorrow!