What Made You Laugh Today?

We all need a laugh each day.

You had one. I promise you did.

Do you remember what it was? 


Maybe it was a joke: 

What did the digital clock say to its mother?

Look ma, no hands.


Maybe it was a picture: 


Maybe it was when someone ran into the Sliding door:


Maybe it was your best friend:


Or maybe it was a blog you read.

(shameless plug)


 So, tell us

What Make You Laugh Today?

Share with everyone

We promise not to laugh!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Our Goofy Stats We Obsesses Over

Like most of you, I tend to check out my stats a few times a day.

Why do we do it? We love the love of course!

We want to know that someone out there in the world is looking at the very important things we want to say. Sometimes we want them to think we are funny, sometimes we want them to look at the cool pictures we took, and sometimes we hope that something we say will help another human being. Or at least their cat. We have a lot of people who like cats and kittens on here.

The point is, stats are like crack to bloggers. We want that sh*t. And we want it now!

It starts off all noble… I blog for me.  Then we get that first hit. We smile. Then the fourth and fifth roll in a few days later. We swear it is our family & friends. After all it looks like we 100+ followers but we secretly know it is our Facebook group. But hey, they are gonna follow whether they want to or not! 

Soon we are up to almost 15 hits a day!! We are checking in every hour now to see if we got a new one.

Our new goal is to get up to 25. I know I can do it! 

When we do hit that 25, it isn’t enough. We want 50. Oh we can’t wait to hit that 100 a day. We know we will just pee our pants.

So now we are checking every 15-20 minutes. We sneak a peek on our computer at work, or log in on our phone if we aren’t home. I know these people are going to love me! They just don’t know it yet! 

Depression starts to set in. Why don’t they love me? Why aren’t they coming? We are sad.  🙁

Sure we love our 22 people who actually “visit” that day (although I think 5 were trollers, 6 only showed up because I used the word butt crack, and the other 11 are the true readers). But dang it! I’m counting them all!

OMG!!!! Someone loves me! I just got my first Award!! You do the Snoopy dance and tell everyone that one of your 32 visitors yesterday loved you…. Oh wait, that is a post for another day….But you get the point of the journey….

Then one day we write a post about something that maybe wasn’t that spectacular but hey, we needed something to put that day and we had writers block. So we right about how the dog poo in the backyard is piling up and your brother tripped and fell face first into a warm pile of…well you get point.

Then one morning we wake up and we jump from 72 hits to 514!!! What the heck!! Did I get freshly pressed and didn’t know it???? I know it has to be about when I wrote how I hated Peas. Everyone hates peas. It has to be that one that got freshly pressed. I know just it!


So you check your comments real quick expecting them to be off the chart. Hmm, only two this morning and none about the gross smell of peas.  Wow, these freshly pressed people don’t seem to leave a lot of feedback. So you head over to the freshly pressed page and look everywhere. No where are you to be found. Hmm, you scratch your head.

So you head back over to your stat page (after all you never close that tab since you look every 10 min or so now).  What post is so popular? It has to be about the Butt Crack. Afterall it is my most viewed post. It gets half my views everyday. Man these people are obsessed with butt crack. Personally I think it was the picture I used. Oh, it could have been the Girl Scout one where she set the house on fire….

But no, not them. What on earth caused me to jump from 72 to 514 over night? The Love Keeps a Coming. That post??? The one I wrote on a bunch of blogging love I had received? That is the gift that keeps a giving? I wrote that days ago… (actually way back in June).

My point is this……..And I do have one…….

We all go through this crazy obsession with our stats. But let me tell ya something. It takes one post to show you the reality is to just write and they will come. I literally was getting about 400 – 600 hits a day in June and July. Eighty – yes 80% of which was for one post. This love one I did. Turns out I used like every blogging award picture under the sun and for some reason it links folks to my site a lot.

Trust me, it doesn’t gain you readers. Then again, I wish it was the one I wrote about not liking peas.  That one is one of my favorites. (hate those little suckers!) But instead these tons of readers are directed to one of my least funny posts. They never stick around long enough to check out the other great stuff (if I do say so myself) that occasionally gets put on here.

Watching these hits now amuse me as it fluctuates so much. It is like people only want to know about love for a few days then it overwhelms them and they take a few days off. See…

That roller coaster of readers is due to 3-4 posts that people find due to a picture I put in it. Cracks me up. I have learned that I still do check my stats often. But the reality is, it is the comments I treasure the most. Sure I love when you click the like button (ah, hmm, hint hint don’t forget to click when you finish – shameless I know) but the comments show me you stuck around and actually read it. (or at least skimmed the good parts).

So, next time you start to obsess over your WordPress stats. STOP! Just be you, just visit other blogs, be sincere, be you. If your blog is meant for greatness it will happen when it is supposed to.

If you are lucky, one day you will write a post about how Whack Butt Crack is and you will have a spike too. Or at least use this picture. They love it!


Oh who am I kidding. This post isn’t going to get you to stop obsessing over your stats! So obsess away! Go crazy, go nuts! But don’t come crying to me when you face plant from 692 (my high) all the way down to 115 which it did a few days later. You have been warned.

And if you would like to check out any of the posts I shamelessly mention through out this post just click on the links to the left. I think it says what people are check out now. Or use the search tool.

OHHHH, except the peas. It never gets there. But here it is. I really do hate those round balls of puke!    PEAS My Mother’s Favorite Torture Tool

Please read as many as you can. I really need to get my stats back up!   

~~~till we laugh again~~~


My New Blog ~ My Other Passion

As you know, I am a very big advocate of laughter in our lives. I’ve gone into great detail over the past year about how I feel having the ability to laugh at yourself as well as the situations that life throws us. Laughter is the key to surviving and it is key to staying young on the inside no matter what is happening to the outside.

My other passion in life is helping others. Coaching, mentoring, inspiring, you name it. I love sharing the life lessons I have learned over the years. This sharing can be anywhere from leadership, business, and a whole variety of day-to-day living. I have a passion to be there for anyone regardless of age, sex, experience, etc. I can just listen or I can give advice. Most of all, I love to help people achieve their goals, their dreams, their ambitions and most of all, help them believe in themselves! 

A few posts back I shared I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. While I haven’t discovered any answers to that question, I do know I should follow my passion and this is what it is. Helping others through my experiences.

Awhile back I began a journey of looking at putting together some learning materials based off the business side of my life. After a successful 25 years in leadership, I did learn a thing or two.  😀

I stopped and started the venture a couple of times, never liking the direction I was going. But I think I know what I was missing. I was missing the fun side of myself. I owe it to you the reader for reminding me of that. I owe it to you for re-inspiring me this time.

I have started my new blog. I hope many of you will not only check it out, but join me for my journey. I’d love for you to participate and add value.

Here is the link…. Tamada Learning

And don’t forget to click follow if you would like to join me. I’d love to have you participate and help others with me.

I’ve read many of your blogs and I know you definitely can add great value as it grows readership.


~~~till we laugh again ~~~

Forgive Me for I Have Sinned


Well, I made it 200 days into my 366 before I fell from grace.

I can always say that I will hit a normal 365 days and leap year is a bonus day for a Mulligan if you need one.


Yes, I have sinned. I will not complete my 366 days of laughter since I missed my post yesterday. Although, technically I had many people stop by and visit and I’m sure one or two laughed. But that is not the point.

Deep Sighhhhh   🙁

I got up early to go to my sisters to help with some stuff around her house. I was fixing stuff and working until the wee night. Ok, not the wee night, but I did get home a little after midnight. Then it hit me. Oh no! I missed my post.

I balled up in the corner, rocked and cried till I fell asleep.

I feel bad since surely at least 11 – 17 of my followers sat by their computers all day long just waiting for that email to hit them from Laughing at Everyday Life. They too probably cried in the corner as well. To them I am sorry.

I’ll try to make it up to you. I’ll try to do two posts today. (Tammy…you shouldn’t promise things you may not be able to do) But darn it! You 11 – 17 are worth it!!

I need to go say some Hail Mary’s and confess my sins. Wait I’m not Catholic. Whew, good because to me a Hail Mary is that pass the quarterback throws in the final seconds of the game. And I’m pretty sure that was the wrong one.

I know, how about I share two cakes I made today? Do you like the Angry Birds? I made a red bird and the black space bird. Both came out cool. Maybe if I share these ice cream cakes with you all you will forgive me. Feel free to eat them. (although I’m pretty sure buckwheatsrisk will wrestle you for them ~~ inside blogger joke)



They look yummy don’t they?

Ok, I have to go do a few other things. I’ll be back later. Thank you for forgiving me. Or at minimum, not turning me into the WordPress Post a Day in 2012 Police.


~~~till we laugh again~~~


Little Game of This or That

So I got to thinking ( I know. scary stuff). What if I did something that anyone could steal and play on their blog as well. No awards to have to thank the world for first, no having to come up with 145 awesome bloggers you could check out. Just a quick fun game to get to know each other a wee bit better.

So I blatantly stole some questions off the internet (Google made me do it).  Thank you sodahead!

Oh, and being the smart ass I am, I had to put my own twist.  Oh you know you would have been disappointed if I hadn’t.

1. Math or English?  I speak English (barely) but I LOVE math!  Hated English in school, but would have done math all day if I could. 

2. Summer or Winter?  I HATE being cold. Give me summer anytime. However, you can keep this darn humidity. If I wanted to be a wet mess I’d jump in the shower or a pool. 

3. Morning or Night? Love the night. Mornings come too early. However, I never get to sleep in. Life is unfair. 

4. Full House or Family Matters? Two great shows from my youth. I’m sorry, the Olsen Twins were way over rated. Weren’t cute then, not cute now. Rich, but not cute. Then again, either was / is Urkle.  Hmm,  loved both, I’ll call it a draw. 

5. Tea or Coffee? Tea for sure. Coffee smells good but tastes terrible. I try it every 5 years and go ..”Yep, still no likey”

6. Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings? Harry wins! Lord of the Rings has a great story but is sooooooooooooo slow and boring. Harry and crew way more amazing and fun. 

7. Black or White? Hate white cars, love black cars, prefer to wear black over white any day. Black crayon is way better… I’m going with black. 

8. Dogs or Cats?  Love both but dogs win. More loyal and loving. Although, they should do a better job at not loosing their fur all over the house. 

9. McDonalds or Burger King? McDonalds. Can you say McRib and McLoving it?

10. Cake or Pie? Not a pie person, but not a big cake person but will take cake over pie any day. Especially ice cream cake!  😀

11. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate! Vanilla is so plain. The word is even used to describe plain. 

12. Jocks or Nerds? For? Jeopardy, I’ll take the nerds. If it is Sport Jeopardy, I’ll take a jock for 200 please….

13. Cable or Internet?  No cable unless it is providing my internet. We have DirectTV   😀

14. MySpace or Facebook?  I like to have my space but have never had a MySpace. So Facebook baby. (but only in small doses) Besides, I like when folks tell me they like me. They really really like me. 

15. The Simpsons or Family Guy? Hands down Family Guy! Seth McFarland is hilarious…I laugh at the kids today that don’t even get half the 80s references he is making. 

16. Coke or Pepsi? By a landslide…COKE!!!  (excuse me while I take a sip)

17. Batman or Superman? Both are cool. I’ll go with the guy who can fly…Although, Batman does have some cool rides….

18. Fantasy or Reality? Reality. Reality in my life and Reality in my TV shows. 

19. Comedy or Horror? Hate horror flicks. Not a fan of blood and gore. But I’ll laugh my ass off any day. 

20. Pancake or Waffles? Neither. But if you forced me, I’d do pancakes first. But only if lots of syrup to help. 

21. Baked or Fried? Fried…I know, I know, grease is bad for you…. Now back away from my fries!

22. China or Japan?  Hmm, Japan by a hair. Not a fan of the earthquake stuff but waaaaaayyyy to many people in Chine for me. I need my space (just not MySpace). 

23. Hamburgers or Hotdogs? Hamburgers.  Mustard and onions please…. No really… I’m hungry…

24. Salt or Pepper?  Pepper….aaaachhooooo…. 

25. Peanut Butter or Jelly? Now that I’m done dancing (the song..get it??? oh never mind)… I like together only if it is grape jelly

26. Boxers or Briefs? for me or for you? 

27. Amazon or Ebay? Amazon has everything…kind of like Barbie, that bitch has everything too!

28. TV shows or Movies? TV…costs a lot less than the movie and popcorn now a days. Plus you can watch a movie on TV but not TV on a movie screen 

29. Pen or Pencil? PEN! I hate pencils. Even drove my math teachers nuts. We compromised on an erasable pen

30. Phone Call or In person? Neither. I hate the phone and really don’t want to see you. But if you plan to show up, a phone call first please.  (text preferred)

31. Shower or Bath? Yes, you should always take one or the other. Personally, I shower. 

32. Ketchup or Mustard? Depends of course. Mustard is made for meats and ketchup for fries, toast and scrambled eggs.   😀

33.Love or Money? How about if I love money? love doesn’t pay the bills and money can only buy you love for one night, maybe two

34. Movies or Reading? Hate reading remember, but love audiobooks. And I’ve learned that before seeing the movie, read the book since the movie will leave out the good stuff….yes you Harry Potter. If you only see the movies you miss half the good stuff

 35. Michael Jackson or Elvis? Never understood the craziness of Elvis maybe because he was before my time. But I love his music. I was around for Michael but didn’t understand that craziness either. Although he was great in his time. Then again, I have never idolized and went crazy for any singer. Not even the N’Sync and definitely not Justin Beiber.   😀

36. Gift Cards or Cash?   I’ll take either .. Just send too…….  1234 My Space… oh wait…

37. Paper or Plastic? Either is what I say. Although plastic handles seem to last longer.  The birds just need to learn to stop swallowing them. 

38. Santa Clause or Easter Bunny? The bunny is cuter but Santa has the better gifts!

39. Lucky Charms or Trix? Lucky Charms but only the marshmallow pieces. 

40. Mayo or Miracle Whip? Is it me or does Miracle Whip have a funny taste? Just saying….


Ok, I cut out 10 questions, I was going for 50 but I got tired. You will live. I promise. Don’t believe me????

BONUS QUESTION:   Live or Die   LIVE!!!!!!  way more fun


ok, I have to get things done. Hope you had some fun….


~~~till we laugh again~~~

What’s Cutting into My Blog Post Time? Got Cake?

Ok, I’ll admit, I’ve had some short and funny blog posts this week.

I promise, I’m not mailing them in…..

Seriously, I have no stamps.


With Father’s Day tomorrow, I’ve been making our Father’s Day Ice Cream Cakes. This is a big holiday for us, so it takes a lot of my time. Cakes are fun to make but when you stand there making them back to back and try to work in other stuff it can take all your time.

I become a walking billboard for icing, tint, etc all over my hands and clothes. By the end of the night I feel like I smell like a giant sugar confection.

Would you like to see some of the ones I’ve been working on?

I bet you do!  LOL, just kidding, the little smart ass in my popped out.

Ok, I’ll be nice. Here is a collection of some we have done. It is a mixture of Birthday and Father’s Day. Hope you like a few.

For our Beer Drinking Dads

Or a PG 13 Rootbeer Float version (lots of these made)

For the Handy Dad

Lot of Birthdays this weekend too

I shared the red bird before, we got to do a black angry bird this time

This one was odd…a wolf on the beach?? 


Ok, I’m off to make more cakes. These were just a few of them, thought I’d share.

See ya for our Funnies tomorrow!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Where’s Waldo..I Mean Tammy?

I know some of you are wondering where I’ve been hiding?

Did she fall out of the Non~Normal Tree House?

Did she get locked in her Ice Cream Freezer?

Did the Pink Truck get hijacked?

No, none of those things. I’ve just been busy and by the time I get home, I know I should read some blogs but dang if I don’t get to read as many as I would like.

And it sucks because so many of you have great blogs and I love reading them. (which is really odd since I hate, I mean HATE to read unless I have too)

I’ve noticed this trend with us newer bloggers. We become obsessed with writing ours, and reading others. Then slowly we realize we have neglected our family friends, pets, laundry, the kids, the running water in the bathroom…………..

OH SHIT, be right back………….


Anyone have a sump pump I can borrow?

Oh well, I’m sure the carpet in the hallway will dry and have a nice new odor to it.  LOL

Now where was I ? ? ? ?

Oh yea, hiding like Waldo.

Now, if I could just remember the point of this rambling…………



Us new bloggers tend to go crazy reading and writing tons of posts. Then after realizing we have neglected everything in our orbit, we try to be human again. By being human and doing our “real” world stuff, we run out of time to read.

Then that’s when it happens….


Ton’s of it. Ok, maybe not tons. But a significant amount.


Now there was a purpose to this post….

Oh ya… i just want to say

I’m Sorry


And I’ll try to be better


~~~till we laugh again~~~


The Love Keeps A Coming

I love love.


Especially when the love comes from you the reader. It lets’ me know that you like / love what I put in these posts.

I’ve been blessed with tons of love. But I have to be careful not to have tons of posts just on the love. Not only is it tons of work after receiving love, I can only make it so funny (especially to those not in the WordPress orbit).

I also don’t want to come across to arrogant. I need to still be able to get my head through the doors .


STOP!  Hi there random reader from Google!

I feel so privileged that that you clicked your way here. But why??

What about love drove you here? WHO CARES!!  You are here! Yipee for me!

I haven’t scared you away yet did I? Hope not.

Listen, the rest of this post isn’t funny, so if you want to laugh, at least check out some of the other posts, they are way funnier. And if you like what you see, just click “like” on the bottom and maybe that little “follow me” button on the top left, to get more of my Laughing at Everyday Life fun.


I now return you to the original post about all the love I was receiving….

So here is my goal. Collect the love and share it back towards the end of the month.

This month has been crazy with love. It really makes you feel good (cue the big head getting out the door problem)

Below is a list of folks that showed me love in the past few weeks. Please check out their blogs. I love them and think that you will as well.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to………


Ralphie’s Portal for the Creative Chaos Award

Ma’dam Weebles from Fear No Weebles  were I can steal either the SUnshine Award or the Creative Blogger… I steal both!

I also got dual love from Terry over at Terry1954

Another great thank you to The j85  who gave me love twice this month …

Hang on a second, I need to catch my breathhhhhhh  whew whew whew… puff puff puff

Ok, I also need to thank

Benzeknees  who keeps me on my toes sometimes but always shows me love

I also had Finally Wendy Wanders share some love…

Writerwannabe also gave me love twice!

Last but not least, my #1 commentors (and probably yours) PMAO otherwise known as Pouringmyartout

That is crazy how much love now that I’ve stacked it all up. I feel overwhelmed by the weight of it all…

No seriously, someone get it off my chest, I can’t breathe..it hurts…..

Whew….ok, I can breathe again….. Some of you ate some donuts this morning……pant pant pant..

Ok, I’m just kidding of course, but….sincerly


How can I forget this one… John over at the Daily Graff said if there was an LOL Award I’d win. Hmm, me thinks he is telling me I laugh too much in LOL.  LOL…

He is right!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

This way you know it’s me.. But I promise, when I type LOL… I mean it! I’m really chuckling on my side of the computer.   😀

Thank you everyone! and I hope to keep you smiling..!!


Oh, and just in case……I apologize now if I forgot any love I was sent.

Oh, and since all those awards came with rules….I’ll deal with those in a different post….in a way that only I can….  LOL  (sorry John, it snuck in)

~~~till we laugh again~~~

It’s Gonna Be A Long Week ~ I’m Sorry

I might as well apologize now.

There, I’ve said it. Those words we all hate having to say.

Why am I sorry?

This week is going to be a crazy week for me. Too much to do. And no matter how much I like hiding from the “real” world by hanging out with you fine people, I must slide you to the side a wee bit to make room for all the Mother’s Day cakes I have to make.

Yep, you heard me right. Besides my mad skills in the sarcasm world and my extremely gifted talent of finding humor in silly things, I actually can make ice cream cakes.

I’m definitely not that talented, but I have designs I can copy and I’m a great copier. I leave the art to my sister. She is the artist, I’m the smart ass who copies.

There are two times a year we sell tons of ice cream cakes and Mommy & Daddy Day’s are the biggies. So I must focus on those.

So, I will not be able to read as many of your blogs as I would like. But I promise, when I do get back on track, I’ll scroll back to catch anything good I might have missed.

I need you all to do me a favor and save all the good stuff until next week. Ok?  Cool, I knew you would all understand. Good little bloggers you all are.

Now, try not to miss my smart butt comments. I know some of you will hide and cry in the corner. Don’t worry, it will be OK. The world will not end.  (At least not until December).

Off to do a conference call, then off to make some cakes. Maybe off again to do other stuff I need, then back to making cakes. Then tomorrow wash and repeat.

Maybe one day I’ll bore you with some fun we have while making them. Like how I turned my fingers pink today from making too many pink purses. Making the purses didn’t cause the problem, my lack of keeping the tint off my fingers caused it. But that’s a story for another day.

Maybe one day I’ll show you some of the cakes we have done.

Ok, now stop reading!      I have stuff to do!    😀


Did I mention that I have some cakes to make?


~~~till we laugh again~~~



The ABCs of Me ~~ Or More Than You Wanted to Know

Each night as I try to wind down from my day, I start surfing the blogs I follow. And now that I found the little link that WordPress has, I find it so much easier than getting 50 million emails. Yes, 50 million! No exaggeration. I have “liked” way too many of you! But I’m stubborn and plan to find more to add. I’ll just give up having a life and spend 24/7 reading what you all write. And this silly link has made it that much easier for me to do this.

But I digress once more.

Sharon over at showard76 was playing this game with other bloggers that had several questions based off the alphabet. I thought what a fun idea.

I jumped up and down screaming “I want to play! I want to play!” Then I decided to hijack the game and play. Feel free to steal, I mean borrow it as well.

Now, what kind of game would it be if I didn’t put my own Tammy the Sarcastic Wit on it? I wouldn’t want to disappoint any of you.

So away we go…..

A is for age: A) None of your business. How’s that for an A?  LOL, just kidding. I’m 46 physically, emotionally & intellectually. However, there is still a 20-year-old wondering how we got here and when our body turned on us. Especially the knees. Then again, they never really liked us.

B is for breakfast today: Hmm, do I lie and say something healthy? Or do I admit I reheated my left over quesadilla? But it was gooooooood.

C is for currently craving: Coke. No not the drug silly. The nectar of the gods. Coca Cola. 😀

D is for dinner tonight: Haven’t thought that far out. My gosh, you just asked me about breakfast. I haven’t even thought of my second microwaved meal of the day yet!

E is for favorite type of exercise: Pushing other people’s buttons. Some of you have some great resistance!

F is for an irrational fear: Hands down my fear of moths / butterflies Read this: Butterflies are Evil!

G is for gross food: PEAS!!!!!!!!! OMG they suck!  Read this: Peas, My Mom’s Favorite Torture Tool

H is for hometown: Tough one for me. I moved so much as a kid. Best I can give you is I’m a Southern California Girl – Orange County – And definitely not the OC type. Think way other side of those TV show tracks.  LOL

I is for something important: Laughter. Did you think I was going to say family like everyone else?

Hell, trust me; we all need laughter to deal with our families. 

J is for current favorite jam: Music Jam or Toast Jam? Hmm, which way do I go with this one?  I could sing Peanut Butter Jelly Time and kill both but….. Grape Jelly is my answer.

K is for kids: Is that a question? No kids. I like sending them home too much. Hard to do if they lived with you. But I do have 2 furry kids. Both 14 – Bingo & Tia.

L is for current location: Orient Express. Oh wait, Location not Locomotion. My office at work.

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Same way I spend 99% of my money. Bills, Bills, Bills and not the Destiny’s Child song either. The cool answer would be something like on the Chippendale’s Dancer or buying a new teak panel for the Yacht. But alas, just bills.

N is for something you need: Money! Didn’t you see the 99% that goes to bills? Ok, forget that answer. I need sleep! I want one good 12 hour no wakey even to go potty type of sleep. There you go, how about if I dream of money?

O is for occupation: Ice Cream Lady!!! Haven’t you read any of the Pink Truck stories?

P is for pet peeve: While I’m not fond of butt crack or pants down as you saw in my previous posts, my true pet peeve is lying. Yep, hate when people lie to me especially over stupid things. If you will lie about the small things, odd are you will lie about the big things. I hate liars.  🙁

Q is for a quote: Shakespeare? Movies? Some of these “”””” oh I know. My favorite quote. Duhhh.   Ok, here is one I love…  “Just because you know something, doesn’t mean you understand it”    It so fits people who think they know it all yet understand nothing. 

R is for random fact about you: Umm, isn’t pretty much everything above? Just saying. Hell, I’ll even toss a few more in down below.

S is for favorite healthy snack: Healthy?  LOLLLLLL Surely you jest.

T is for favorite treat: My dogs would say Pup-eroni’s. Me? I don’t like them that much.

U is for something that makes you unique: Everything. No one like me. Some would shout THANK GOD!  I’d say my ability to laugh in bad situations. (hence my blog title)

V is for favorite vegetable: You already know it sure the hell aint peas! (And don’t tell me aint aint a word cuz aint aint in the dictionary ~~ It’s my blog and I’ll use it if I want to) The answer is…I hate veggies. But if I must say…I like cucumbers. And pickles. Are pickles still a veggie after they pickle? Hmmmm

W is for today’s workout: This long ass blog answer. I’m sweating over here!

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Probably everything at one point. I’m surprised I don’t light up the night. I’m old remember A?

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Surviving. I’m hoping to do the same today.   😀

 Z is for your time zone: Depends on the time of year. Arizona is funny that way. Technically Mountain Standard year round, yet it really is Pacific Standard through the summer. Arizona is so odd.


Did you make it all the way to Z with me? WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

You know you laughed at least 17 out of 26 times. And that is 17 more laughs than you had prior to starting.

Let’s all have some fun and do this. Most of you are always looking for something to blog about. So here you go.

So, let’s all participate on the Alphabet Survey by blogging about your answers. (I’m not sure if you are to use the same questions, but hey, it’s your post. Use these or create your own)

Let me know once you’ve done it and I’ll definitely come visit. I even promise to read all 26 answers. Yep, pinky swear!

Thanks for having fun with me!  (or, I hope you had fun – sure would hate to lose any followers ~~ then I’d really get no sleep)

~~~till we laugh again~~~

33% of This Year Together

In December 2011 I had a wild and crazy idea.

I would attempt to find humor in life and share that humor every day in 2012. As of today, the year is 33% over. And for the record, it is so unfair that as we get older time just flies by.

I remember when starting a Post a Day in 2012, that I thought there was no way on earth I could think of something funny everyday. I just kept telling myself that I laugh at all kinds of things and since I insist on living my life that way, everything would work out.

Back then I had maybe 20-25 followers and of course my Facebook victims I mean friends and family. Who would want to read this silly blog?

Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted people to read it. Why waste all these good laughs on the few when I could help make people all over the world find at least one laugh in their day.

During our short time, I’ve shared things about myself and things that have happened to me. I’ve also shared things that make me smile or laugh. Sometimes, those things were probably very stupid to some. But to me, they made me giggle. After all, I tend to giggle at stupid things.


As time has gone on, I find that I worry too much if my readers will find something funny or not. We are funny creatures us humans. We want that approval. And as an over achiever, I need to “feel” that I’ve accomplished my mission. That I have succeeded in making you smile or laugh. I find I worry that something will bomb or readers will think it is stupid. Basically, I think too much and sometimes forget my main mission.

As I head into the next 33% of our days together, I’m going to try to focus on what makes me smile or laugh. Sometimes that might not be funny to you. And I have to learn not to stress over that. All that matters is it made me laugh or smile. It might be silly pictures, some trivia, a story about myself, society in general, who knows. But for some reason it struck me as funny. It’s me, Laughing at Everyday Life. I find humor every where.

We are all funny in our own way. Some bloggers are natural story tellers and I’m fascinated at how they can take a day in their life and make it so freaking funny. Some of you share your pain with the world and look to my blog as a possible escape from that pain. Some of you are just sick puppies that have loose screws. And some of you are just funny looking. But one thing I love about all of you, is that you are allowing me the opportunity to help you smile if even for a brief moment in your day.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed / read / trolled / hung out / sped by / accidentally tripped / was looking for butt crack (way too many) and found my little blog.

I hope you continue to hang out and laugh with me for the rest of the year. I’m curious to see how the next few months will play out and how much more I will learn, not only about myself, but about you. Not only have I enjoyed sharing my laughs, but I have loved what I have learned about all of you. It is never easy sharing our lives with others, but if we can help others by sharing our ideas, thoughts, lives, laughter, etc then it is worth it.

If I make just one person smile or laugh, especially when they are in pain or need of a distraction, then my blog obsession in 2012 will be worth it.

I am who I am. A natural ham. Said Sam I am.  (umm, how did that sneak in there?)

Anyways, I’m done with my semi serious post. I’ve had a blast the first 1/3 of the year and I look forward to more laughs together in 2012 and beyond!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

A Quick Question for You

Ok, I’ve got a crazy busy day today but wanted to at least submit my funny for the day…

Today will be quick so don’t miss it…

I have a quick question for you…


How Do You Keep a Blog Reader in Suspense?


Scroll Down Slowly….









Keep Going….








Breathe….Fill the lungs…Keep going…







Did you pack your lunch?… Keep going….












Check Back tomorrow….



~~~~till we laugh again~~~~