The Love Keeps A Coming

I love love.


Especially when the love comes from you the reader. It lets’ me know that you like / love what I put in these posts.

I’ve been blessed with tons of love. But I have to be careful not to have tons of posts just on the love. Not only is it tons of work after receiving love, I can only make it so funny (especially to those not in the WordPress orbit).

I also don’t want to come across to arrogant. I need to still be able to get my head through the doors .


STOP!  Hi there random reader from Google!

I feel so privileged that that you clicked your way here. But why??

What about love drove you here? WHO CARES!!  You are here! Yipee for me!

I haven’t scared you away yet did I? Hope not.

Listen, the rest of this post isn’t funny, so if you want to laugh, at least check out some of the other posts, they are way funnier. And if you like what you see, just click “like” on the bottom and maybe that little “follow me” button on the top left, to get more of my Laughing at Everyday Life fun.


I now return you to the original post about all the love I was receiving….

So here is my goal. Collect the love and share it back towards the end of the month.

This month has been crazy with love. It really makes you feel good (cue the big head getting out the door problem)

Below is a list of folks that showed me love in the past few weeks. Please check out their blogs. I love them and think that you will as well.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to………


Ralphie’s Portal for the Creative Chaos Award

Ma’dam Weebles from Fear No Weebles  were I can steal either the SUnshine Award or the Creative Blogger… I steal both!

I also got dual love from Terry over at Terry1954

Another great thank you to The j85  who gave me love twice this month …

Hang on a second, I need to catch my breathhhhhhh  whew whew whew… puff puff puff

Ok, I also need to thank

Benzeknees  who keeps me on my toes sometimes but always shows me love

I also had Finally Wendy Wanders share some love…

Writerwannabe also gave me love twice!

Last but not least, my #1 commentors (and probably yours) PMAO otherwise known as Pouringmyartout

That is crazy how much love now that I’ve stacked it all up. I feel overwhelmed by the weight of it all…

No seriously, someone get it off my chest, I can’t hurts…..

Whew….ok, I can breathe again….. Some of you ate some donuts this morning……pant pant pant..

Ok, I’m just kidding of course, but….sincerly


How can I forget this one… John over at the Daily Graff said if there was an LOL Award I’d win. Hmm, me thinks he is telling me I laugh too much in LOL.  LOL…

He is right!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

This way you know it’s me.. But I promise, when I type LOL… I mean it! I’m really chuckling on my side of the computer.   😀

Thank you everyone! and I hope to keep you smiling..!!


Oh, and just in case……I apologize now if I forgot any love I was sent.

Oh, and since all those awards came with rules….I’ll deal with those in a different post….in a way that only I can….  LOL  (sorry John, it snuck in)

~~~till we laugh again~~~

How About some Laughs & Some Love

First, I’ll start with the laughs…


Tom:  What do you mean by telling everyone that I’m an idiot?
Sally:  I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was supposed to be a secret!


Q. Why does a flamingo lift up one leg?
A.  Because if he lifted up both legs it would fall over!


Q. What did the triangle say to the circle?

A. You’re pointless.


Q:What does a pickle say when he wants to play cards?
A:Dill me in!



Q. How do crazy people go through the


A. They take the psycho path.


Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Boo Who?
Don’t Cry these bad jokes are over now.


Now for the love:

I want to make sure I acknowledge the following folks for sharing their love with me:


Benzeknees who hit me upside the head, I mean tagged me a few days ago. Ok, maybe it was a week ago. I’m a slow runner, what can I say. She’s also great at pushing me to be funny. Or shall I say funnier. Now that I think about it, she is kinda mean to me.  LOL.  just kidding. nut-n but lub!

The Candy over at Finding Order Thru Chaos nominated me for the Liebster Award. Unlike Benzeknees, Candy thinks I’m (and I quote) “Hilarious”. I’d like to think it is just me, but maybe I’m the only one she follows that is messy. Or maybe, she only has dull people in her life. I’m not sure. But for now, I’ll take “Hilarious”.

And if that wasn’t enough, I got this special award from Dotty Headbanger since I am “Brilliant” at pushing the Like Buttons she Forced, I mean I wanted to click for her.


So much love….What’s a Girl to do….

Thank you to you…. Three Unique Women of the Blogging World!


~~~till we laugh again~~~