Life is Full of Obstacles – Get Over It :D

I love Motivational Posters. But I also love De-motivational posters.

You will find I will use both as the year progress, but I think the De-Motivational ones are the sarcastic wit we all possess. For some of you that feel you aren’t sarcastic, you do have it in you, that is why you laugh at them. For those of us that are sarcastic, they just say what we already know.

But behind this sarcastic wit of mine, I really deep in my heart believe that we can overcome anything that is thrown at us. You see, I’m a rare combination of Optimistic Sarcastic verses the Pessimistic Sarcastic kind. Odd combo I know.

I see the world for all it’s faults. I have the ability though to appreciate the stupidity in the world. I can laugh at the bad and hopelessness that we have at times.

But I also have the ability to believe in those around me. And the power each of us has within.

Take Obstacles for example. Life is full of them. Many people define themselves by the obstacles they face. They make excuses as to why they have made the choices they have or why they can’t achieve what they are capable of.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes people go through hell. More hell than anyone person deserves. But why is it that two people can go through the same situation yet one will come out stronger than ever and the other will come out weaker?

I don’t profess to have the answers, but I do know from all that I have studied, the key is attitude.

Like I have shared before. When life hits you hard, find ways to laugh. Even a half hearted laugh is better than none. 

Couple that with a belief in yourself and you can push through.

Here is the sad part. Re-Read that line in Red. Go ahead, I’ll wait a second…….

Ok, most of you will read that line and think one of two things

A) You are so right. It sucks in the moment but I know I will survive this too

the rest of you will think (like the de-motivational poster above)

B) Easy for you to say. My life sucks and this crap always happens to me and it never gets better. You just don’t understand. 

But I do understand. I have family and friends that are viewers of life like a B person. They think I’m nuts sometimes. But you know what? They will never convince me that their view is better. I can’t imagine spending my life with my heart heavy and hurting 24/7. If that is how they want to go through life, I understand. We all have to make our own choices. But I will always do my part to help those in pain realize there are bright moments in their day and for them to embrace them even if it is for only a few minutes a day.

Yes life is full of obstacles but most of them are to teach us about our life. Some of the others are brought on by our own thoughts and expectations. But that is a post for another day.

Ok, my lecture is over. Our station will now return to it’s normal sarcastic tone….



~~~till we laugh again~~~


People Trying to Ruin My Day

Some days the biggest laughs you will get are due to the interesting / frustrating / stupid things other people do.   😀

Take my morning today. Within an hour I had several different situations that could have either frustrated the heck out of me, or make me laugh. And to be honest, they did both. I didn’t want to fall down the rabbit hole so I made sure I got my head straight before “creating” a day of further frustration. I’m a firm believer, we get what we predict. If you predict a crappy day,then you will create that crappy day.

Ok, here is a quick snapshot of my trek into the store today….

  1. Got stuck behind a couple driving 35 miles an hour in a 55 zone. Plus I couldn’t go around them.   (ok, so this wasn’t so bad except it lasted this way for what felt like 3 hours)
  2. Then i went to my local McDonalds drive thru for my hash browns and tea. There are two lanes and normally I go in the outside lane. Someone pulled in before me and I thought I’d go to the inside lane cuz surely they were almost done. But noooo, three cars went in my normal lane before I even got to order and I was even next.  Grrrrr
  3. So then I pull to the window and the kid starts to hand me my tea. Tea is literally pouring off the side. Not a little drizzle but a steady stream. I look at him in amazement at his obliviousness of the situation. And when I ask him for a napkin to wipe the sides down he looks at me like I asked him for his phone number (as in shocked that I would want his teenage butt)
  4. Then after pulling out I go to take a drink and of course it spills all down me.
  5. When I get to my store the phone is ringing and when I answer it a customer starts rattling off a cake order. She got mad when I asked her to hold on a moment as I had just walked in and needed to grab my order book. Then didn’t want to listen to what I was asking  she just kept saying what she wanted even though I was long past that part and asking new questions. (this conversation was much more frustrating but I try and not bash customers on here. Let’s just say the brick wall  listens better)  Lol

At this point and after venting to my sister and a friend, I was determined to end this fun. I was not going to have a crappy day. No matter the conspiracy going on.

Attitude adjustment in check and I was good to go” and guess what? It worked. No more stupidity in my day – besides my own).     🙂

Moral of the story…..

You control your attitude when they can’t control their stupidity

Second moral….

Never try and type a blog post on your iPad !   It’s slow and takes forever!  Lol


~~~till we laugh again~~~~