Who Gives a Hoot?

The other night, I was attacked…..


By a 6in high owl! 

Stop Laughing!


I was meeting my dinner companions at the local buffet at our Casino. It was packed so I had to park in the far end in Tim-Buck-Two.  There is a little walk way you cross from this side parking area to the main parking area.

As I was crossing the little strip I heard this chirping. I look down at my feet and there is a 6  owl staring at me and hooting and chirping. Obviously I’m not the only Human it has seen as it was a brave little sucker.

Doing what any sane person does, I started talking owlish…I said stop laughing.

Hoo u looking at?

We were hooting back and forth for a bit. Me trying to irritate him. (Yep, just like I do people)

Well, I guess he didn’t want to play any more so he spread his wings and took off, right towards me!

He is a jokester too I guess. He swerved right before getting to me and landed a few feet away laughing. Yes laughing. Now I have him laughing at me and you. Hmm.

On the way back later that night, there was an older couple out taking pictures of the owls. They claimed to have counted seven (yes 7!) baby owls.

Now their little home is literally one foot from the road in the cave you see above. So I stroll over to see if I can find my new owl friend and his (or her as I didn’t lift the wing to check) and their brothers and sisters.

Darn, only two….

Two of My New Owl Friends Playing Hide and Seek

I guess the others were out spooking other poor passerby folks. Getting a good laugh at making all us humans speak Hoot.

I was thankful to the guy (or gal) that came up with the idea of sticking a camera in my phone. It’s moments like these that really do make you appreciate this.

Only 10 years ago people would have thought I was just crazy.

Now, they think I’m crazy but I have proof!!


Have a great day everyone!


~~~till we laugh again~~~~