Prince Poppycock & Defying Gravity were robbed!

Ok, so – were you one of the millions that watched America’s Got Talent? Did you think the right person won?

Two words – HELLLLLL NO.

Don’t get me wrong, that Grimm dude was good. But would I buy his album? NO. Would I pay to see a Vegas show of his? NO.  Odds are, the people that voted for him wouldn’t either. Nor have they obviously been to Vegas.

Let’s get real shall we? Two acts were Vegas – Prince Poppycock and Defying Gravity. Period.

There are no opera singers in Vegas and the only regular singers are in lounge acts or major stars with shows.

Do you see the opera dude from last year making it big in Vegas? Nope. Heck, I’m at a loss for his name and I loved him.

But you do see the first winner Terry Fader the ventriloquist making millions. Those are the acts that make the big money.

Leave the singers for the other shows. Let’s not say we are looking for a Vegas act if we are going to have these singers. Yes they are talented but the masses are not going to go to Vegas to see them.

Don’t worry ABC, I’m not threating to stop watching, and yes I have no right to bitch since I didn’t vote (you can thank TIVO for that). But I do have the right to blog my opinion that Middle America got it wrong. I think Poppycock scared them.

But I promise you this; I will be one person that will go see Prince Poppycock in Vegas. He is Vegas. He is all that you go to Vegas to see in a show. I might even see Defying Gravity.

Ok, I feel better now. I can live with America’s poor decision and move on with my life.

I’ll be back in a year to see how many of you went to see Gimm’s show or if you even recall who won this year.

Till next time……