Letter to Future Survivor Contestants:

Dear future Survivor Contestant,


Survivor Make FireAfter 32 seasons, when will you learn that a key skill to bring with you is how to make fire? 


Let’s see, you need to start a fire first when you first get to your camp. Not only does the first person to make fire get early “hero” status but by making this happen, you get to eat cooked rice vs crawling critters.  (If this isn’t reason enough, I don’t know what is)


But let’s learn from our final 4 contestants shall we?


Ok, you are 1 spot away from final 3. Usually by now you have spent 33-35 days living like hell for your shot at a million dollars. And if you are any good, odds are the others will try and get rid of your butt so there is a good chance you will be voted out.


So why is learning how to make fire important?


Just ask Cydney on season 32. She was well on her way to possibly winning the money (and my top pick next to Survivor final 4 Season 32Audrey). The top 2 deserving folks in my opinion. So I wasn’t surprised they had to square off. When it was a tie, what did they have to do?


Oh yea, make fire!


This is what Survivor does. They have for the previous 31 seasons so why would they change now?


If I was headed into the top 4 and I knew my ass might be on the chopping block, especially in a season of blindsides, you can bet your bottom dollar that my ass would be building fires all over the island!


At last, as much as I want to go tsk tsk tsk to Cydney, she isn’t alone. It has happened in the past. The loser being those that never bothered to learn how to start a fire before going on Survivor!


So, I implore all you future contestants, do me a favor. LEARN to MAKE FIRE!  With or without flint. Use your eyeglasses, use glass, use your x-ray vision, I don’t care. Just learn!


I still love you Cydney. I liked the others but you and Audrey owned the twists and turns this season and one of you should have won. I was sad when you had to face off making fire, but I was even more sad that ironically, your bid for the $1,000,000 went up in flames (or at least the lack of them).


It was a great season. Some great moves. Well played and I’ll be back for season 33 of Survivor. Like many others, I’m always amazed and addicted to the giant fishbowl of personalities and really enjoy the fun of watching the great game players.


Just do me a favor. Just one word. FIRE!




For those of you that don’t watch Survivor… What???? You are missing a great show that just gets better as more folks learn to play the game. The true players who love the game are making so interesting. They just need to learn to make fire. LOL



What Inspires You?

What Inspires You

What makes you excited? 

Where do you get your “high” from? 

What gets you so fired up you think you can tackle anything? 

Whatever that “thing” is, whatever that “it” is, whatever that “thought” is…

Whatever it is that makes your heart sing and you accomplish things you never thought possible

Whatever it is…

Think of it everyday!

Look at it everyday!

Whatever it is…

Embrace it and go Kick some Butt!!!

My New Blog ~ My Other Passion

As you know, I am a very big advocate of laughter in our lives. I’ve gone into great detail over the past year about how I feel having the ability to laugh at yourself as well as the situations that life throws us. Laughter is the key to surviving and it is key to staying young on the inside no matter what is happening to the outside.

My other passion in life is helping others. Coaching, mentoring, inspiring, you name it. I love sharing the life lessons I have learned over the years. This sharing can be anywhere from leadership, business, and a whole variety of day-to-day living. I have a passion to be there for anyone regardless of age, sex, experience, etc. I can just listen or I can give advice. Most of all, I love to help people achieve their goals, their dreams, their ambitions and most of all, help them believe in themselves! 

A few posts back I shared I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. While I haven’t discovered any answers to that question, I do know I should follow my passion and this is what it is. Helping others through my experiences.

Awhile back I began a journey of looking at putting together some learning materials based off the business side of my life. After a successful 25 years in leadership, I did learn a thing or two.  😀

I stopped and started the venture a couple of times, never liking the direction I was going. But I think I know what I was missing. I was missing the fun side of myself. I owe it to you the reader for reminding me of that. I owe it to you for re-inspiring me this time.

I have started my new blog. I hope many of you will not only check it out, but join me for my journey. I’d love for you to participate and add value.

Here is the link…. Tamada Learning

And don’t forget to click follow if you would like to join me. I’d love to have you participate and help others with me.

I’ve read many of your blogs and I know you definitely can add great value as it grows readership.


~~~till we laugh again ~~~

Look to Where U R Going

Serious Tammy for a moment…

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and had to save it for here. Many of my readers have gone through some really tough times. We have all had our fair share but some have been dealt some really rough hands.

I write my blog to help others have a moment in their day to laugh or smile. Many of you know that.

There is another side of me that really tries to help offer inspiration to others and to help them see the good that is often missed in the confusion, pain, hurt, anger, you name it.

We are funny creatures. We latch on to the negative. We do this sometimes to help us get better. To find those weaknesses and move forward and improve.

Yet some hold on to the negative not thinking they are “worthy” of the positive or good things. Usually due to some assholes in their past that told them this garbage.

I find inspiration each day from many of you that are courageous to share your story. While you may not have intended to help others, you do with each post, each comment.

Today I wanted to borrow the saying above and remind each of you (and myself on occasion) that we need to always look at how far we have come, not always at how far we have left to go. Celebrate along the journey. Even a step forward is better than no step at all. And yes, two steps forward are still better even if we have to take one step back at the same time. Sometimes we forget that.

Thank you for sharing your story, and I hope I can continue to help along the way….


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Tammy’s Words of Wisdom ~ #1

For a year now, on Facebook I have shared what I call Tammy’s Words of Wisdom.

Basically they are Life Lessons that I have learned through my own life and thru observing others.

My goal is to try to share them with anyone who will listen just in case they might help someone. What makes them pop out? Usually something happening around me sparks their utterance. I have loved how others join in and share with folks how it has rang true in their lives as well.

I’ve decided to begin sharing these Tammy’s Words of Wisdom with all of you. (Don’t you feel special?)   😀

Today I will share my #1 Rule. Above all other wisdom I will ever share, this is the #1 most important rule of them all.


Never Ever Give YOUR POWER to Anyone Else!

No one should ever have the power to make you feel less than who you are or who you can be!

This is YOUR SUPERPOWER and NO ONE Else’s!


Ok, raise hands if you thought I was going to make a silly joke like I have been? Go ahead, raise them high? 1,2,3,4,5,6…..well, a lot of you. Neener Neener, I have serious thoughts too! And I”m very passionate about this particular one.   😀

I am dead serious.

Life is full of shit heads. You will run into many of them. And they will do whatever they can to suck the life out of you and take away your power. Do not give it to them. And if anyone has taken it from you, claim it back! I know it isn’t always easy. But trust me….You Are Worth It!


I hope you will like my Tammy’s Words of Wisdom. I hope to make this a regular feature as the Wisdom hits me. But this one, is very special to me and I preach it every day.


~~~till we laugh again~~~