Are You Addicted to Words for Friends?

I have a confession. Yes, I am addicted. But I am probably not as addicted as you new people.  Been there done that, got the T-shirt.

I started playing Words for Friends months and months ago. A friend got me playing when it was just starting to take off. He and I had like 10 games going between us.Then when Facebook opened it up, new “friends” just started to discover what we had known. Next thing I knew, I maxed out to 20 games. So many friends, so little space to add new games.

I’m pretty competitive and in the beginning I hated losing to my friend who played Scrabble competitively. You know the type, the ones that use words you have never heard of? I mean really… Who uses the word QI? or ZOYSIA?

But one thing I am good at is picking up words. Especially those little suckers I can remember like HAJ or SUQ and score big!.

  • So I thought I’d list a few of the things I’ve learned and pass them along to you new folks joining the Words for Friends Revolution

5 Things I’ve learned from Playing Words for Friends…

  • I never thought I’d be waking up at 4am  just to play a vocabulary game (I mean go to the bathroom)
  • You will grow from 1 game with your friend to 3 in a matter of days since neither of you will think the other one hit the Rematch button
  • Your friends and family will never play fast enough for you. What are they doing???  How dare they have a job, a life, better things to do???!! damn them!
  • Not all friends and family are created equal – You have several groups you will play against
    • The Word Game Challenged – You know the ones with the good decent words but no game play. It kills me not to take advantage of those open Triple Plays… It is such a tease!  But in the end, the game will end before it gets half way if I have 400 points and they have 100 and we still have 24 tiles to go
    • The Dang, How did you get Better Group – These folks grew out of the first group and started making me work for my win. My competitiveness comes out – Oh no you aren’t getting ahead of me by 20 points….. It really is a sickness….
    • The Ones who MUST be using Cheats for Friends – I mean really. If you are semi close to me and you start whipping out words I know you can’t even pronounce never mind spell, you either have a smart mouse in your pocket or little help going on. Or how about the ones that always have a 7 letter word to play? Not cheating my behind…
    • The Smart Ones – the Readers – Yes, those that actually read books and know words with more than one syllable. They will frustrate you. But I promise, they teach you new words so you can whip other peoples butts. You many not learn the meaning, but you will know how many points you can get!
  • That I would delay going to bed until I cleared my board only to find 1 or 2 of my friends refuse to sleep until they are cleared as well and we both end up staying up an extra hour or two playing a stupid vocabulary game!  (sorry, got a little riled up there)

Finally, there is Hanging with Friends. Yea, not so good at this one. You may not be able to beat me on Words for Friends but you can demolish me on this one. If I had a spell checker I might be ok. But it is only about words. Not so much up my alley. I think that is why I like Words for Friends and Scrabble. I like the strategy of them. I love blocking your moves. But hanging, I’m lucky if I get the word – BUTTER. I just can’t see the words. It is sad.

Well, if you haven’t started playing this obsession cuz you are too busy tending to your Farm(ville) I can say it is an excellent thinking game that will challenge you. I promise you will learn new words that you can amaze your friends with. Kind of like stupid pet tricks.

And if you want start this addiction, come find me either on Facebook or using my screen name – tadams4u. I’m always up to a new game.   😛


~~~~till we laugh again~~~

Fun with Fido…

A few years ago I bought someone I cared for a little tiny stuffed dog and named it Fido.

Later that year, this person had to spend a few months away from home to help their mom who had been hurt in an accident.

So while they were away Fido and I thought we would send pictures from home to help with a daily smile.

Here are a few of the pictures I took.

As you can see, it was just something fun. I encourage you to do something similar for someone you know that could use a smile.

I had a blast doing it and wish I would have kept it going.

Maybe I can start it up again.

Hmm, wonder where Fido is now?  Here Fido, Fido….. Now where is that fluffy sucker hiding…..



Yep, hiding in a cup….. Silly dog….

~~~~till we laugh again~~~

Beware of the Clown Cone Army

Beware of the Clown Cone Army

Beware of the Clown Cone Army! They will attack you when you aren’t looking. Sure they smile but it’s what is behind the smile that is scary….  Ok, just kidding.

Althoughhhhhh, some people are afraid of clowns. Sounds like a good topic for another day. But for today. I just wanted to show you something that makes me smile every time I see it.

We make clown cones (Ice cream with icing). And we tend to do them in batches. When they are done, before they get their lids, I LOVE opening our freezer and seeing them all bright and colorful staring at me. Makes me laugh all day. So I thought I would share.

Hope they make you smile as well. And if they freak you out and you have nightmares….. OOPS! MY BAD….

Maybe tomorrow we will discuss the fear of Clowns….


~~~Till we laugh again~~~~


Our T-Shirts Express Our Inner thoughts…

What would your shirt say?

I love those T-shirts with the funny sayings. A good one can crack me up for hours. When I go to Walmart I like to go to the area they have these shirts just to see the new ones. As you can probably guess, I really like the witty sarcastic ones the best.

Earlier, I was looking at one of those catalogs that fill up your mailbox at Christmas time and it was full of these shirts and even some cute boxer shorts.

So for today’s smile, I thought I’d share a few of the ones that made me laugh….


  • Big Duck – Butt Quack
  • Mouse & a slice of… – Who Cut the Cheese?
  • A squirrel with a bazooka – Protect your nuts!
  • Christmas Ornaments – Nice Balls



  • One of my favorites: You think I’m screwed up? You should meet the rest of my Family!  
  • Or the other version If you met my family you would understand!
  • I have CDO – It’s like OCD but the letters are in order like they should be
  • How to handle stress like a dog… If you can’t eat it, or play with it, then Pee on it and walk away!
  • Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg
  • I’m a lefty so I really related to this one – Right Handers are annoying and so are their scissors! 
  • I’m so old I can laugh, cough, pee, sneeze, and fart at the same time!

Finally, here is one I know I will need in 20 years…

Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the Hell happened!


Hope some of these made you laugh and if there was one you loved, feel free to share!


~~~ Till we laugh again~~~~


Everyone Should Dress Up as a Character Sometime in their Life

For many years my mother worked at a bread store. I was lucky enough to go to work with her a few times and help out. One of these memories was dressing in a giant Snoopy Costume like you see here. I think it was a grand opening or something for a grocery store and all I had to do was wear the costume and roam around. I have three main memories from this.

  1. How hot it was in that darn thing.
  2. The massive neck ache I had from holding my head back against gravity. As you know, Snoopy has one large honker for a nose. And let me tell you, Snoopy is one pain in the neck.
  3. The massive amounts of love you feel when little kids come up and hug you (Snoopy).

Little kids thought I was really Snoopy. They were so happy and giddy. I really understood how the characters at Disney felt.

These memories were dusted off yesterday when I got to “pass along” the fun of looking silly. I borrowed an Ice Cream cone costume to wear on the corner with our sign to help the locals remember we are in town. I’m still amazed that in a tiny town, people still roam in saying they have lived there 2 years and just found us. Did I mention I’m also on the main shopping part of the town that is as long as a block?  Cracks me up.

Anyways, I  was showing the costume to one of my guys and after a few minutes I convinced him to dress up. I laughed my butt off for hours. Not because how he looked (although that was funny enough) but rather from the look on his face that he had to do it. And knowing, he secretly was liking it. One of the other kids put it on today. Same smile but not as much laughter since he willingly did it.

But I will tell you. Something about a silly costume brings out the silliness in all of us. We laugh when we look at others and we become silly in one. Personally I find it funny when I see folks out on the streets in costumes and you can tell how miserable they are. It is funny to see a miserable giant hot dog. LOL.

So next time you drive by someone in a costume have fun with them. Help them have fun. They may not love it, but you know they made you smile.