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Cute Joke of the Day – The Genie

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The Genie – Be Careful What You Wish For


A man and his wife were playing golf. The man tees off and his ball veers way off to the right, breaking the window of a house. The wife says you must go and apologize and pay for the window.


Both the man and his wife walk up to the house, ring the door but no one answers. He opens the door and inside, next to the window he sees a broken vase with his golf ball laying on the floor.


Suddenly a man comes out of a nearby room, the golfer starts to apologize for breaking his window and the vase.


The man inside the house says, “No, don’t apologize, I am a genie and have been stuck in that vase for 10,000 years, you have rescued me and I owe you deeply. For helping me I will grant three wishes. I will give you one, your lovely wife one and I would like to keep one for myself.”


Cute joke of the Day


He asks the man what he wishes for. The man thought awhile and said, “I wish for a million dollars.”


The genie waves his hand and said, “A million dollars, it’s yours, it has been deposited into your bank account.”


He asks the wife what is her wish. She says, “I wish for a condominium in Hawaii.”


The genie waves his hand and says, “A condominium in Hawaii, it’s yours.” The genie continues, “Now it is my turn.” He thinks for awhile and says, “You know its been 10,000 years since I have had a woman, could I make love to your wife?”


The man thinks for a while and says, “Honey, he gave us a million dollars and a condominium in Hawaii, the least you could do is make love to him.”


She agrees and they both go to the back bedroom.


After making passionate love, the woman says, “I can’t believe that my husband let you do this to me.”


The genie says, “And I can’t believe that your husband still believes in genies.”


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