Two New Kiddos in the House

Meet My New Babies


Upton and BuddyA few weeks ago I brought two new babies home. Please meet Buddy & Upton. These two little guys make me smile and laugh each day!

Buddy is on the left and Upton on the right.

Granted, I’m not laughing at 5am when they want to go out to go “potty”. LOL

Living in the desert has its challenges with little dogs. Having no real backyard, it isn’t like we can just let them out to roam around. They must be taken out to go and they always think it is play time.

The other thing I’ve learned is, neither like thunder! We have had several storms (including one right now as I write this). Ever see two 5lb Yorkies shaking like there is no tomorrow?

I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of our adventures in the future so I thought I’d take a moment to introduce them to you.

I better go, the storm is getting worse and they need to be held. Time to be a good mommy.   🙂

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