I Hate You State Farm

You Kept Me Up All Night Laughing!


State Farm and Laughing?    Huh??  

Normally insurance companies might make you cry but laugh?  Never mind keeping me up all night chuckling.

Let me go on record right now saying


They make me smile and feel good. Face it, they make you smile and feel good if you would admit it to yourself.

It started with the one commercial we all quote and love. I hope it never goes off the air.

    State Farm Jake“It’s Jake from State Farm”

Yep, she still sounds hideous, that Jake from State Farm… LOL  Gets me every time!

My new favorite that equally puts a smile on my face since it is played so dead straight and so witty is our extreme planner

State Farm Retiring Lady

“I’d Like to Put in my 15 Year Notice”
“You’re Totally Blind Siding Me”

LOLL  I have no idea why it tickles me. But I just get a big smile every time I see it.

(This is the one that had me laughing all night then got me thinking about making this post…

Now, there is the other hilarious with the fisherman… LOL

State Farm got a dollar

And who can forget about Jimmie?

State Farm 6 Callers Ahead

And yes, sometimes they just tug at our heart strings

State Farm Ill Never

(You know it gets you)

But yet. They all can’t be a hit. There is one commercial I actually hate when it comes on….

State Farm Elvis 1

Sorry Elvis (and Elvis, and Elvis, oh and Elvis)

You can’t win them all

State Farm Elvis 2

Just had to share this when I saw it…LOL

I have TIVO. I never watch commercials, but I will stop the TV just to watch the Jake and the Retirement ones. They make me laugh that much.

For the record, I have nothing to do with State Farm. However I have been with State Farm as a client since I got my first car 30 years ago. So one might say I like the company and LOVE the commercials    🙂

So….My Question is… Is There Any Commercial That Just Cracks You Up?

8 thoughts on “I Hate You State Farm

  1. photosfromtheloonybin

    There are the commercials that get old after two watchings, and then there are the commercials that make me laugh until the tears roll down my face no matter how many times I see them. They are so damned clever!! The problem is I can’t think of any of them off the top of my head right now. If I remember any, I’ll come back later :).

  2. writerwannabe763

    There’s a couple I like.. but can’t remember one of them… but I like the one where the father is peeking in a door and says he needs a day off… he’s not feeling well… and then it shows a baby in a crib…and says ‘Dads don’t take days off.. .they take Nyquil… just cute!
    Surprise to see your name pop up in my email Tammy.. Hi! Diane

  3. howtosurvivesixthgrade

    I laugh at pretty much all commercials, but the ones that entertain me are the Geico commercials (“15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance,” “Everybody knows that,” “Well did you know that….”), One or two of them actually became kind of annoying after the second watch, but I still like the majority of them.

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