Never Stop Laughing


You don’t stop laughing because you grow old,

You grow old because you stop laughing


This is so true.

When you lose your ability to laugh I feel a piece of you just starts to die. What keeps us alive is our ability to laugh.

It never fails, if I want to cry over something that has happened, I always find myself laughing. I’ve even gotten in trouble at times due to this.  However, I would never change it.


I know I will be an 80-year-old woman who feels half her age due to my ability to laugh. I have met many, many people through this blog who live their life with the same theory. That no matter what garbage that has been thrown their way, they still find a way to laugh.

I wish at times I could help everyone find the humor in a moment. It is even more critical to find our laughter in our darkest moments. It is what helps us survive those times. The greatest feedback I receive is when folks let me know that my blog is part of their daily routine for a laugh. I feel privileged and honored.


Let’s all commit to spend the rest of our time here on this earth laughing.

When you have those days where you can’t find your laughter from within, then quickly find your laughter through friends (real or cyber) or through any method you can (TV, movies, Facebook, people watching) – anything – just find it!

I promise, that laugh will help you get moving again.


~~~till we laugh again~~~