Dry Heat vs Muggy Heat

Living in Arizona and living through 4-5 months of 100 – 120 degree heat (or 38 – 48 Celsius for you others) I’ve heard my fair share of people saying “It’s a dry heat” Let me show you what a dry heat looks like…



Yes, it literally burns your skin off. You feel like you are baking in an oven. You know exactly how the Toll House Cookies feel.

Now, with that said, during July we have Monsoon season. Meaning the sky opens up and dumps tons of rain in a short period of time. And since we have no real drainage the streets become mini rivers. I’m not going to go too much into this, as that will be a fun post one day when we have a real bad storm and I can share my fun.

But with Monsoon season comes humidity. So like our sister states in the south, we go from this dry heat to a hot sticky mess. Let me tell you…110 degrees and sticky feels gross.

You are wet, your clothes are stuck to you, and you feel like you are walking into a wall when you go outside. Your glasses fog up and your hair goes crazy.

For the record…Both suck. Dry or humid you don’t win. But as much as I like rain, you can keep the humidity. I’ll take the 115 dry heat over the 105 humid heat any day.

Yep, I’d rather fry to death vs boil to death. 


And for those of you that say you prefer the cold vs heat….I’ll take the humidity first. Yep, cold rates lower than humid on my scale. I can’t stand being cold.. As I wrote once before…I am not an Eskimo ~ no offence to Eskimos — I just hate being cold.

Well, I’m not sure what the purpose of my post was. Other than to say it is HOT!!!   And today it is HOT and MUGGY!!!  Oh, and I hate my clothes being stuck to me like glue like this.

Maybe I should go back to San Diego…it was a nice cool 80 degrees (26 c).. To them they are having a heat wave. To me, it was heaven.

Yep, them cookies are a baking…

Stay cool and…


~~~till we laugh again~~~


23 thoughts on “Dry Heat vs Muggy Heat

  1. chlost

    Great idea with the cookies! Then you can snack on the ride home! I do not live in a particularly hot area, but it has been hot and humid this summer. The worst, though is the damp cold. It seems to just go right through everything, no matter how many layers of clothing, I can never stay warm. Twenty below zero and 10% humidity beats 40 degrees with 80% humidity any day.

  2. buckwheatsrisk

    i hate hate humidity we had lots where i originally came from. i would chose dry heat too but i would also choose cold over humidity!! i can’t stand the heat and where i live now apparently it gets to 50 below…speaking of cold…ahem…
    love the baking cookie idea! LOL

  3. Fiona

    ME TOO. I would rather fry and bake than steam and sweat! However it’s winter here now, and this is timely because I’m experiencing the differences between dry cold and wet cold. It was so humid here the past week that yesterday there was not a dry spot in my apartment – even the floor had puddles – I didn’t spill anything, and I spent the day wiping and mopping but everything just became wetter and wetter! Terrible. Argh! Dry any day, please!
    And I’ve heard of people frying eggs on their car or on the pavement! Wow…

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