Forgive Me for I Have Sinned


Well, I made it 200 days into my 366 before I fell from grace.

I can always say that I will hit a normal 365 days and leap year is a bonus day for a Mulligan if you need one.


Yes, I have sinned. I will not complete my 366 days of laughter since I missed my post yesterday. Although, technically I had many people stop by and visit and I’m sure one or two laughed. But that is not the point.

Deep Sighhhhh   🙁

I got up early to go to my sisters to help with some stuff around her house. I was fixing stuff and working until the wee night. Ok, not the wee night, but I did get home a little after midnight. Then it hit me. Oh no! I missed my post.

I balled up in the corner, rocked and cried till I fell asleep.

I feel bad since surely at least 11 – 17 of my followers sat by their computers all day long just waiting for that email to hit them from Laughing at Everyday Life. They too probably cried in the corner as well. To them I am sorry.

I’ll try to make it up to you. I’ll try to do two posts today. (Tammy…you shouldn’t promise things you may not be able to do) But darn it! You 11 – 17 are worth it!!

I need to go say some Hail Mary’s and confess my sins. Wait I’m not Catholic. Whew, good because to me a Hail Mary is that pass the quarterback throws in the final seconds of the game. And I’m pretty sure that was the wrong one.

I know, how about I share two cakes I made today? Do you like the Angry Birds? I made a red bird and the black space bird. Both came out cool. Maybe if I share these ice cream cakes with you all you will forgive me. Feel free to eat them. (although I’m pretty sure buckwheatsrisk will wrestle you for them ~~ inside blogger joke)



They look yummy don’t they?

Ok, I have to go do a few other things. I’ll be back later. Thank you for forgiving me. Or at minimum, not turning me into the WordPress Post a Day in 2012 Police.


~~~till we laugh again~~~