22 thoughts on “Wanna Ride?

  1. Katie

    Actually — every time we go grocery shopping, my hubby offers to sack the groceries and ‘ride’ them out to the car. Once a carry out boy – always a carry out boy!

  2. Candy S

    It scares me to see the kids ride on the carts because it seems like it is going to tip over at any moment. I am in a panic at just the thought of you on the back of a cart. Please don’t… sob!

  3. 4Brats!

    I seem to remember a little cake maker that put her brother on the hood of her Mustang to teach him a lesson” ! and drove around…… So riding a cart seems tame to me!!! Xxx

  4. benzeknees

    I used to ride the carts all the time – now I just use them to hold me up in the store so I can get my shopping done! It’s a sad state of affairs to get old or to have your body betray you. I think it would be the greatest thing to have one of those whatchamacallits (2 wheels, a standing platform & a handle bar). If I can’t have one of those I’ll take a Rascal next!

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