Sunday Funnies ~ Edition 7

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Funnies!

Where I share things I found via Google or Facebook last week that made me laugh


This was my favorite for the week

I’m still laughing


Since today is Father’s Day, I’ve found some Dad ones

Yep, whatever makes dad happy today



(pun intended)


The sad part is, someone thought they would plant this seed in their kid’s head


(so many bad jokes here I have to be a good girl – so I’ll be mooooving on)

Not the family reunion Betsy was hoping for


The fact this kid is still alive tells us this is one cool dad


Wow, I wonder how many dad’s dream of this when their kid is screaming or sneaking in the house at 4am? or the dad in the picture above?


Now I know a few of you dads have kids that would so wear thisย 

(Mollie, cough cough)

(inside joke)


Well, off to sell some cakes


~~~till we laugh again~~~

39 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies ~ Edition 7

  1. John Holton

    That fourth picture reminds me of a joke: A salesman rings a doorbell, and a kid with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other answers the door. The salesman asks, “Uh, are your parents home?” and the kid says, “What the hell do you think?”

  2. Devina

    They’re all hilarious, especially the first three + the signboard! But I really hope the fourth one was just a joke and that the poor kid won’t remember it.

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