So Many Proud Non~Normals


I saw this yesterday and immediately thought of the folks in the Non~Normal & Proud of it Club.


If I didn’t know any better one of us created it!




When I started this club, it was to celebrate each of our uniqueness. What is interesting is, I never realized how many people embraced this side of themselves.

I love how many of you encourage your kids to love how “strange” & “different” they can be. I really do think this is awesome. Our children need to realize that the reality is, there is no real normal. That it is ok to be different from your friends.

Lets face it…

Life would be so much better if everyone had learned this lesson early in life.


Ok, you weird, deranged, freaky and psychotic folks…..I hope you liked the picture….

~~~till we laugh again~~~

18 thoughts on “So Many Proud Non~Normals

  1. carlarenee45

    yes I taught my kids that normal was being whoever you are even though you are unique to everyone else. Believe me, they took it to heart, especially my daughter lol

  2. The J85

    Ever since my children discovered the world of “likes” and “dislikes” we have embraced a mantra of “different people like different things”. The “like” in that mantra has recently begun to be switched out for other words like “eat”, “do”, “want”, “believe”, etc too!

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