36 thoughts on “Ok, When DID I Become SPAM?

  1. Dotty Headbanger

    Dear Brick,

    I just had to unspam your two comments from yesterday. It’s happened to a few people so I always read through the spam to see if anyone has been dumped in there.

    Love Dotty xxx

  2. firstandfabulous

    You weren’t there but someone else was that shouldn’t have been. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll need to check. I did find someone there that commented on my blog being ‘rife with spelling errors’ and vowed to come back again and again if I fixed them. I read and reread and I have family members who aren’t shy about telling me about my mistakes, AND the fool had a spelling error in his/her comment SO… DUH! Laugh on 😀

  3. TammyeHoney

    Only spam I had was the usual that were the non existent accounts with no life and a blueberry muffin related account or something related to sex date lol…you were right there in my regular inbox as normal…no fried spam today lol…but maybe we can make spam hash I have a few left over potatoes…

  4. The J85

    Your POSTS are now even going into my Gmail spam folder! I can’t tell you how many times I have added you to the “trusted senders” list! Been happening since my recent “What is it Wednesday” post….

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