He’s an Adventurous One

I debated what I was going to write today. I know I have been doing some cheap fun laughs this week. No major life issues trying to find some laughter in. Yes, there have been some life issues, but isn’t that called daily life?

Sometimes I think we just need silly stuff to make us laugh. To be that kid at heart that just finds laughs in stupid things. I’m good at finding laughter in stupid things. Just ask my family.Β  LOL.

I do have a few posts I’m going to do next week on some more serious stuff, but hell, why ruin a silly week by going all serious? So I will be silly today.

As you know, I’m collecting some new friends. Yesterday I said I would introduce you to him. I’m still deciding what to name him. But for now I’ll call him Duckie.


Here is Duckie ~ He’s Hot!

Hot Pink that is.

Now, I discovered that Duckie is pretty adventurous.

On his first day home look at all the stuff he got himself into around the house.

He heard the dogs get treats when I get home, he couldn’t wait for his.

They were a little dry so then he needed some water.

He thought he’d hang out with the other birds

Then he got lost in time.

Silly duck doesn’t know popcorn isn’t good for him.

Hanging out with his new friends having a Coke

Whoops, looks like he found his way to the Pink Truck.

(Least he could do is wash the windows for me).Β 

Rut Ro..I think he is going to hitch a ride!


Somehow I think we haven’t seen the end of Duckie’s adventures

To be continued….


Have a great weekend everyone!

See you tomorrow for the Sunday Funnies!


~~till we laugh again~~

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  1. pouringmyartout

    Sorry, but ever since I saw ‘you know who’s’ rubber humpy-ducks, I just can’t look at rubber ducks without thinking about what they do when they are left alone together…

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