Damn GPS!

I ventured out of my little town today. Thanks to my GPS it was more eventful than it was supposed to be.

Ok, I know what you are thinking. That you are about to read some long drawn out story about how I was lost for hours thanks to the GPS. Well, hate to disappoint you. It was only 15 minutes.

But still, I was ticked that A) the silly thing didn’t recognize the frontage road (thinking it was the freeway) and B), it thought I needed to go 5 miles down to flip around when 1 mile would have done the trick.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that my Smartphone has a built-in GPS. I think this is one of the best inventions in years. It is awesome when it works well.

But today… I wanted to smash that woman’s face. You know, the one that tells you “Right turn, in .5 miles”.   Point 5 miles my ass.

Besides, what fool puts their business in the middle of no where and on a frontage road you have to turn into a hotel parking lot and then cross over to their building? What fool, puts their business on a road that if you miss the turn in, you have to go down a mile to attempt pass 2?  I’ll tell ya what fool…The one I had to visit today.  Thank god it was my first and only time.

I still love my damn GPS, but we just aren’t on speaking terms for a few days.


I’m still pissed at the bitch…



~~~till we laugh again~~~

39 thoughts on “Damn GPS!

      1. carlarenee45

        Im living in kentucky and a pretty big and busy road can suddenly turn into a little windy back road before your eyes and have a different name. My GPS likes those roads lol

  1. Margarita

    As a pedestrian, I have very little experience with GPS…however, I’ve often thought I should put some kind of spotter on my husband for when he calls me and says “Where do I go now?” and neither of us has a clue where he is! I’m often the woman in his ear then! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Pink Ninjabi

    So true! My ex and I once spent six hours instead of four hours to get home thanks to the GPS driving us through every single booney town between Ottawa and Montreal (creeeepy ghost towns)… My mom still uses old fashioned maps, draws her own, and has no problems getting there, masha’Allah. Technology can be soo overrated.. 😀


  3. John Holton

    Since I’m partially disabled, my wife Mary does the driving. She absolutely hates Mapquest and Google Maps, because, without fail, the directions get her hopelessly lost. GPS would drive her right up the wall. She’d probably throw it out the window

  4. the curtain raiser

    Hubby and I were playing with the voices on our GPS trying to find some fun ones. We ended up with Ozzie Osbourne. A few weeks later we had a friend’s child (age 11) in our car with the GPS turned on and totally forgot about the voice until we came to a roundabout with Ozzie giving directions as only Ozzie knows how. I ripped the thing off the dash and almost threw it out the window, I was so embarassed. BTW, Tammy “you have reached your destination” ;).

  5. benzeknees

    My hubby downloaded an app for our GPS that has Bugs Bunny’s voice telling you “Whatta you know, you made it” while playing the Looney Tunes song. That gets annoying in a big hurry!

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